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pitched an octave below normal bass instrumental or vocal range


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The Pharos Arts Foundation presents the performance by the double-bass player and soloist.
3 in E flat major, arranged for the double-bass instead of the second viola, than by the Nocturne in B major, except for the division of the violins interpreted according to the orchestral version.
So, if any of you can help us spare said double-bass player the indignity of standing on stage playing 'air' double-bass -- or if you maybe know someone who might be able to help but who isn't on our Manama Singers mailing list -- we will be so grateful
Two of the arias were composed for the opera stage, but the other seven are true concert arias, one being a piece for bass voice with a virtuoso double-bass obbligato part.
After an enticing solo entrance, Kcheich was joined by Dutch double-bass player Tony Overwater, whose accompaniment gave those traditional forms a whole new feel.
Opening track "Marianne" gets right to the point, with rolling, thundering toms, firecracker fuzz guitar and manic double-bass competing with lead crooner Hayakawa Yoshio's booming vocals in a free-jazz-folk thunderstorm.
If she was surprised that her children's tastes were more for the fun, upbeat sounds of the 40s and 50s, she mustn't have shown it as she has since learned the double-bass so she can accompany them at occasional live events.
Then began Bach's solemn motet ``Jesu, meine Freude'' (``Jesus, My Joy''), with his chorus accompanied by basso continuo: a cello, double-bass and chamber organ.
Show of Hands appear at Warwick Arts Centre next weekend with double-bass player Miranda Sykes.
Of the Brahms work, festival artistic director Kevin Stephens confesses: "Those who know Roberto from his days with the Sinfonia will know him as a double-bass player, and he is now principal bass with the HallA.