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Synonyms for double-barrelled

having two barrels mounted side by side

having two purposes

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A PUB landlord was subjected to a terrifying raid when robbers threatened him with a double-barrelled sawn-off shotgun and tied him up.
He carried a sawn-off double-barrelled shotgun and wore a blue plastic motorcycle faceguard under a black balaclava.
Salim Mohammed produced a double-barrelled shotgun and fired at least twice, hitting Mr Khan in the leg and arm.
Painter Uri Bowen, 62, shot dad-of-two Landis Burdon, 52, in the neck and chest with a double-barrelled shotgun.
THERE is something about women with double-barrelled names on television.
A double-barrelled replica shotgun was among the items stolen during the break-in at a house in Everdon Road, Holbrooks, yesterday.
The two masked men burst into BK Wines in Hilton Road, Tividale, and threatened the assistant with a double-barrelled sawn-off shotgun.
TWO gay men carried out an armed raid on a sweet shop with a double-barrelled shotgun to raise money so they could elope, a court heard yesterday.
The unemployed victim, aged 36, was in Greenwood Avenue, Acocks Green, when he was approached from behind and blasted twice with a double-barrelled shotgun.
Police told Belfast Crown Court they found a double-barrelled shotgun, a 9mm gun, a cricket bat and balaclavas in their car.
There will be plenty of double-barrelled Christian-named Welsh media folk making us feel guilty.
Magistrates at Salford, Manchester, heard that police found a loaded double-barrelled Derringer at his vicarage in Swinton.
But I'm afraid James is punching at shadows, because I've already explained that I regard double-barrelled names as the badge of mediocrity.
The thought of sitting close to a man with a real double-barrelled name, let alone the chance to learn about the northern ways of whippet racing and flat hats (so "in" these days), is unsettling.
Paul Corbally, 27, has pleaded not guilty to unlawful possession of the firearm, part of a double-barrelled shotgun on June 5, 1995.