double vision

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visual impairment in which an object is seen as two objects

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The issue of double vision can be corrected with fresnel prisms to align the image that each eye sees.
5) While the government agency's larger project taps into the soft power of cultural diplomacy, Double Vision was primarily concerned with providing a platform for artistic exchange.
Parker said his double vision was almost gone and there was so little bulging in my eyes that they looked almost completely normal.
Although Meltzer's metaphors are largely visual, the study lends itself to musical terms, organized as different riffs or variations on the phenomenon of double vision with chapters dedicated to four "aspects": beliefs, seeing, money, and time.
During the consultations we hear frequent complaints of eye-strain, asthenopia, headaches, blurred distance and/or near vision, dry and irritated eyes, slow refocusing, neck and backache, photophobia, sensation of diplopia, light sensitivity, and double vision, but because of the lack of information, we overlooked them too easily, without going thoroughly into the real motives.
on the High Street found they could cause headaches due to eye strain, slight dizziness and even double vision.
The neural misfires result in the misalignment of images, or double vision.
Catalan were missing playmaker Scott Dureau, who underwent a close-season operation to remove a tumour from behind his eye and taken to hospital with double vision after the draw at Widnes last week.
The Australian was unable to take a 60th-minute penalty after complaining of double vision - the symptom which led to him discovering he had a brain tumour last September.
That alone would have crowned a perfect evening--but wait, there was more: a dessert buffet and lots of dancing to Double Vision.
It appears that Clinton is wearing the glasses to correct a case of double vision that the Secretary of State developed after she suffered a concussion in December.
Double vision in store for China viewers Live Formula One BBC1 & Sky Sports F1, 7am YOU may have noticed that the F1 action is rather more competitive on the track in 2012 than last year and it's the same story behind the cameras, writes Phil Agius.
If the poet has the double vision gift of a "second look," he or she also has the gift of permitting a reader a second look.
Jamie Nash, 31, had to undergo surgery and still suffers with double vision following the late-night attack on Saturday, August 20, at Mountain Ash, and has been unable to return to full work duties since.
He aims to buy a computerised analyser to diagnose and track problems with eye movement that can cause double vision.