double vision

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visual impairment in which an object is seen as two objects

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The first poet in Double Vision (the arrangement is either alphabetical or reverse-chronological) is Ales Debeljak, represented by nineteen poems, seven of which are translated well by Michael Biggins and twelve far less successfully by Christopher Merrill (who knows no Slovene) and Debeljak himself.
6 Double vision that comes and goes but after an attack is slightly worse than before.
During an attack you can get severe dizziness, double vision, tinnitus, slurred speech, intense headache and even blackouts.
Among their perspectives are his double vision, his collected poems in Irish, the sense of place, he and Lorca, being in the grip of two languages, and the politics of translation.
The Baltic Arts Centre has a tradition of showcasing controversial and unusual exhibitions and Double Vision and Relay don't disappoint.
Then Double Vision kept things swimming on the dance floor under three large flowing banners of silk-screened fish and of course an image of Mr.
While ministering to the medical needs of the community, Vidal began to experience unexplainable symptoms: weakness on the left side of her body, double vision, and a weakened and clumsy grasp.
A white 4-year-old boy came to our emergency room with a 2-day history of low-grade fever, vomiting, and double vision.
In "Letter to Jamal," Coleman responds to a "severe case of double vision," of deja vu: the 1965 Watts and 1992 South Central rebellions.
This condition, known as strabismus, can lead to double vision and deficient depth perception (SN: 5/7/77, p.
The new designs were developed by Double Vision Design of Newport Beach, California.
Symptoms: Double vision, which starts gradually and then slowly gets worse.
The attack took some time to get over, having left the 29-year-old with double vision, meaning he missed last year's UK Championships as he slipped down the rankings.
Andy had double vision at half-time on Sunday and we thought it was best to take him off.
BENFICA might be suffering double vision today for their league opener at home after TWO teams threatened to turn up to play them.