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play fast notes on a wind instrument

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In Golding's posthumous novel, the metaphor of a double tongue is used twice.
In keeping with the title, the text of The Double Tongue is presented as the memoirs of a priestess of Delphi in the first century BC.
The Double Tongue commences with the aged Arieka reminiscing how she was brought up in a rich Aetolian-Phocian family farming on the Corinthian Gulf, half a day's journey on foot south-west of Delphi (pp.
The Double Tongue abounds with allusions to social conventions, customs and artefacts, literature, politics and geographical settings from antiquity; Golding was clearly not averse to doing his homework.
Since a comparable plot is absent in The Double Tongue, Golding could have dispensed with pigeons altogether.
In Ion, he literally rapes the mortal girl Kreousa; in The Double Tongue, he metaphorically rapes his prophetess Arieka by forcibly impregnating her with the seed of oracular truth.
It is closer to that of the ancient Greeks, in whose language and literature he is so profoundly steeped', (76) whereas Lorna Sage claims that Golding, in The Double Tongue, was 'trying to see round the edge of his own skepticism.
However, judged by the six passages in The Double Tongue where explicit reference is made to Euripides's Ion as tragedy, (79) Euripides's genre does permeate the palimpsest that The Double Tongue has become, and thus the category intrageneric is not invalid.
Thus, exposure to the palimpsest of The Double Tongue will redirect the reader and stimulate a fresh approach.
All references to The Double Tongue are based on the Faber & Faber edition (1995).
Set in Greece during the time of Caesar, The Double Tongue tells the story of Arieka, the Pythia or Oracle of Apollo at Delphi.
The Double Tongue ravels together the ambiguities which enrich but also devastate the life of the scholar, the artist, and the religiously inspired.
Thus, The Double Tongue shares and patterns something of the Pythia's apocalyptic but not altogether dubious grace - the spontaneity, suggestiveness, and attraction of a genuine inspiration.
The Chuck has reinvented itself to suit any trendy style with double tongue detailing, double uppers and polka-dot prints.