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deliberately unintelligible gibberish

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UNFAZED by the CAG reports estimating undue benefits of several lakh crore of rupees to private parties under the UPA government, the Congress mounted a counter- offensive, questioning the " inconsistencies" in the report and BJP's double talk.
With typical politician-style double talk and selective amnesia he tries to reaffirm Makin's argument that the houses built by the socialist council 'hobbled' the city's finances by referring to the years when the cost of the loans outstripped the rental income of the houses.
EVEN for a Government prepared to tax pension funds but not the super rich, the double talk at the Bournemouth conference was surprising.
Reform of the Los Angeles Unified School District needs an honest and open public conversation -- not a lot of double talk and deceit from the special interests.
However, there canbe no negotiations while terror reigns - it's called double talk.
While you were writing Double Talk, was your poetry already providing you with a way to accomplish a more passionate form of theory?
Instead, he hides behind 'minimum standards' double talk, puts the onerous on the individual stadiums to make the decision he is afraid to make, and throws every loyal fan in front of a potential lethal foul ball with the hollow promise of 'maybe we will protect you next year'.
MORE double talk from the Government on illegal drug issues.
As with the double talk and costs over Libya - pounds 900,000 a missile "helping rebels", when all that matters is oil - cosying up to Pakistan is a load of bull***.
In New Delhi, the Congress on Friday attacked the BJP for its double talk on Maoists.
That's pure double talk, even a contradiction in terms.
We shall not allow the peace to be held hostage by the threat of terror -- and no more double talk,'' she said,
The principal of democratic accountability magnificently bestrides all this arrogant political double talk and manipulative contrivance.
Voice activity detection and double talk detection algorithms are used to avoid updating filter coefficients when there is no far-end speech, and also when there is simultaneous speech from both ends of the communication link (double talk).
We call double talk diplomacy and feel smug about it.