double standard

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an ethical or moral code that applies more strictly to one group than to another

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She believes there are double standards because she is criticised for her onstage behaviour while Presley was not.
The UN's double standard has been conspicuous and several countries and international bodies including France, Arab League, OIC, Turkey, UAE and many others have spoken in favor of the Kingdom.
We have not to pursue double standards and we have to maintain balance in all matters.
MP Yaseen Majeed, a leading member of the Bloc, criticized in a press conference on Wednesday the Arab, regional and international stances towards Syria and the double standard policy adopted by some countries against it.
sanctions imposed over Tehran's controversial nuclear program, saying they show world powers are applying a double standard, according to AP.
If evidentiary standards have been relaxed or abandoned, if there is a double standard for due process, what has really been accomplished?
An example of this phenomenon is the double standard that Marion Cousins faces when he's asked to recruit black executives.
As Keith Thomas has observed, public disagreement with the sexual double standard was not heard until the end of the seventeenth century.
In the academy the double standard toward women and people of color now applies to Jews and often is enforced by those once-insurgent and now established women and persons of color.
It's also time to correct the double standard that exists in Ontario today where beer retailers shoulder the cost of a deposit return system but Ontario's monopoly liquor retailer does not.
These failures are: little or ineffective discipline and deselection of trainees (a commitment to fairly but firmly graduate only those individuals who truly demonstrate performance and integrity standards); ignorance of the nature and effects of the goal-gradient phenomenon (the farther away individuals remain from their goal, the less the tendency to remain passionately interested in its attainment); and the allowance of a double standard within the organization, thereby decreasing moral accountability as professional responsibility increases.
Another thing that the American victory never did was change the players' "conflicting emotions and behavior regarding the double standard in sports that men need only be athletic, women must be athletic and beautiful.
By demanding that politicians, and particularly presidents, be more traditionally moral in private behavior than either private sector leaders or average citizens, the American media has applied a double standard to presidents.
A double standard results from this categorization.