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(American football) a running play in which a first reverse is followed by a second reverse

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By building relationships with advisors in developing markets, the firm has been involved in the flotation of approximately 40 mining-related companies on the AIM market since 1999, including the high-profile, cross-border, double reverse takeover of Greenwich Resources plc, Buka Minerals Ltd and Danae Resources NL by Scarborough Minerals plc.
The above transactions represented a double reverse takeover and the company's
These results may be due to the fact that the double reverse relations protocol consisted of 13 trials, compared to 36 trials in the reversed relations protocol.
So yesterday's double reverse from the leaders of both Israel and the Palestinians could not have come as a great surprise to him.
They suffered a double reverse in the space of three days when first they failed to qualify for the quarter-finals of the Twenty20 Cup, then stumbled and fell at the final hurdle before Lord's in the Cheltenham and Gloucester Trophy.
The double reverse gatefold unit incorporates the front and back of magazine covers.
On third and eight from their own 36-yard line, the Lions pulled a double reverse.
They also suffered a double reverse in the Heineken Cup pool stage.
The confidence built up in the last few months will have been badly dented by this double reverse, even though I suspect we won't see some of Tuesday night's team again this season, if ever.
The public markets team has in the financial year advised on 13 admissions to the Alternative Investment Market, acting for companies and nominated advisers, as well as on the cross border double reverse takeover by Australian listed companies Buka Minerals and Danae Resources of Scarborough Minerals (formerly known as Greenwich Resources) - a listed UK company.
Another, Elevation Events Group plc, on whose AIM flotation we advised last year, has recently completed a double reverse takeover of two rival firms, helped by a successful pounds 4.
So yesterday's double reverse from the leaders of both Israel and the Palestininans could not have come as a great surprise to him.
He scored on a 6-yard reception in the first quarter on a double reverse.
Sheldon originally had intended to surprise Willamette by running a double reverse on the opening kickoff.
This double reverse finally shook Bradford out of their lethargic mood.