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a pair of joined reeds that vibrate together to produce the sound in some woodwinds

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TUESDAY Orchestra of the Swan: Conductor David Curtis, oboe and bassoon soloists International Double Reed Society opening gala concert including works by Handel, Mozart and Dietter: Birmingham Town Hall, 7.
The RWCMD is holding a Double Reed Day (oboes and bassoons) on March 16 to give teachers and musicians the chance to take part in masterclasses, ensemble coaching and reed-making classes with some of the UK's most renowned and experienced performers.
The book began as a series of articles he wrote for the Journal of the International Double Reed Society and The Double Reed.
The integration will double Reed Smith's presence in Paris and will add offices in Greece and the Middle East.
Chapter 1, with the hyperbolic title "The Most Important Instruments in the World," describes the wide distribution of double reed and drum music throughout Asia, Europe, and North Africa.
Woodwind classes: 12 and under flute, Emily Price Cardew; 14 and under single and double reed woodwind, Emma Stevens; Lee Hannah Memorial Trophy, Emma Stevens.
The instrument uses a double reed and produces a somewhat nasal tone.
The oboe is a conical-bore, double reed, and woodwind instrument with a characteristic sound produced by harmonic overtones within a tonal spectrum up to 7,000 Hz.
Like the ONE range, DS TRP Models can be supplied complete with a special double reed impulse emitter for remote monitoring and control systems.
The plants grow wild in many ditches, she noted in the May 1991 Journal of the British Double Reed Society.
The Smooth Talker Double Reed has a raspier voice capable of sounding like an old hen.
On Friday there was a different kind of first-time audience - worldwide delegates to the International Double Reed Society (IDRS) 2009 conference - who whooped, cheered and stood to applaud another performance of the score under Andris Nelsons, and undoubtedly the hall as well.
The 2009 International Double Reed Society Conference is hosted by Birmingham Conservatoire and will include 11 public concerts featuring world premieres.
The Journal of the International Double Reed Society (ISSN 0092-0827; variant titles: Journal and IDRS Journal), issued annually since 1973, ceased with vol.
The Double Trouble Guide XT Timber Talker acrylic duck call is a double reed designed to produce all sounds of a mallard hen with minimal effort.