double pneumonia

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lobar pneumonia involving both lungs

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Simon, a 25-year-old RAF physical training instructor, died from complications after contracting double pneumonia on his return from Kosovo in January.
Battling Sharon had fought off double pneumonia four years ago.
According to People magazine, Mueller had gone in to have an impacted wisdom tooth removed and ultimately landed in the ICU with a 105-degree fever, being treated for double pneumonia and a systemic infection.
The poor man must be at his wits' end, I muse, just dealing with the day-to-day practicalities of snowbound horses, burst pipes and iron-hard gallops, not to mention the beleaguered staff welded to their shovels by the bitter cold, persisting mournfully through bouts of double pneumonia with nothing but a jar of goose fat and an old string vest for comfort.
Once we learn about her challenging childhood and how she overcame double pneumonia, scarlet fever and polio, and then being unable to walk normally until the age of 11, Rudolph's determination and accomplishments shine all the brighter.
Ryan's extraordinary birth - after Hayley fell victim to double pneumonia and blood poisoning - was hailed by one doctor as the "greatest medical wonder in Britain".
Having had double pneumonia myself, and knowing only antibiotics and rest could help, I reluctantly agreed -- but not before reminding her, with full Irish superstition, of my track record.
But then she caught double pneumonia (a serious lung disease), followed by scarlet fever and a mild case of polio.
Authorities on the subject of colds, pleurisy, pneumonia, and double pneumonia tell us that we are less subject to risk by kissing a germ carrier than by shaking his hands.
A severe case of delirium tremens and double pneumonia put him in the county medical center, where he slipped into a coma.
Luke's last year with double pneumonia and asthma exacerbations, Pakebusch thought there would be no relief from his constant battle when his pulmonologist, Clinton H.
Morrissey canceled a North American tour last year after suffering from double pneumonia, a bleeding ulcer and a gastrointestinal problem called Barrett's esophagus.
One of the tour party was 16-year-old Peter Robinson, who was only supposed to be a helper but ended up playing in the matches after one of the team came down with double pneumonia.
I've had Hodgkins Lymphoma on and off over the last eight years which has included two bone marrow transplants, months and months in hospital and double pneumonia and pleurisy," he said.
He died there a week later from double pneumonia on February 15, 2011.