double negative

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an affirmative constructed from two negatives

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a grammatically substandard but emphatic negative

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Oliver James continued: "Once our code, called DNGR for Double Negative Gravitational Renderer, was mature and creating the images you see in the movie Interstellar, we realised we had a tool that could easily be adapted for scientific research.
The equity proceeds will be used to fund the recent merger of Double Negative with PFW.
Double Negative at times feels vague and evasive, a story that won't quite come into focus, but this is less a failing of Vladislavic's prose than it is an essential part of the narrative: for the novel, doing justice to Johannesburg is less a matter of grasping the city whole than it is of learning to see it as an amalgam of its parts, and of getting lost in its dizzying maze of experiences.
In these assays, gene segments of another 31 swine isolates were either SYBR green positive/Cy5 negative (online Technical Appendix Figure 1, yellow) or double negative (online Technical Appendix Figure 1, green), indicating that these virus segments were derived from the sister clade of pandemic (H1N1) 2009 virus or other swine lineages (except NA), respectively.
So the double negative stung the tufty ears of the broad-shouldered grammarian, who learned his letters and numbers with crystal precision in those prayerful days in the hungry old town of stooping cranes, sturdy boots, weight scales on shining shop counters and wing- collared clerks - when gaunt, fish-breathed teachers swished down the haunted, echoing corridors and crazy dictators strutted over Europe.
Double Negative (DNeg) created visual effects for several of this year's nominated films including Inception, Iron Man 2, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1.
Andrew Whitehurst from Double Negative will talk about some of the visual effects they used.
The tool life in machining cast Stellite compared with deposited Stellite is much better, while the cutting edge geometry either double negative or negative/positive is optimized from case to case.
Ex-Darlington College TV and interactive media student Terry Marriott secured a job with Double Negative, one the world's most renowned digital special effects specialists.
When you do, there's no better accompaniment that I can think of at the moment than the unabashedly and consciously shitty Black Time Double Negative LP on In the Red--and believe me--I mean that as a high form of flattery.
A double negative of a premium price and an unappetising colour did not offset the superfruit status of this juice.
However, the double negative for the visitors was that their finishing was poor and their need to attack played to United's strengths.
Cheney may be borrowing from President Bush by implementing a "Bushism" with a double negative.
Double negative category = a student response that: places the student in the negative reaction category twice (N = 4)
It's plain and simple the improper usage of a double negative in a yes-or-no process already beset with far too much yes-or-no misconception,'' said teacher Susan Crabapple.