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a knit fabric similar to jersey that is made with two sets of needles producing a double thickness joined by interlocking stitches

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Pants come in polyester double knit, nylon stretch double knit, or bright spandex.
The jersey's new double knit structure not only gives it a sleeker appearance, while offering 10 percent more stretch than the last Nike national team kit jerseys, but also boasts a new dynamic fit cut to follow the natural contours of the body while still allowing for maximum airflow and movement.
I'm still making versions of my palazzo pant pattern; I'll make a pair in either wool double knit or a heavy ponte knit, pairing it with one of my two new T-shirt patterns.
com)-- The new Sorella Vita additions showcase dresses featuring a Luxe Double Knit fabric with a sophisticated matte finish and just the right amount of stretch.
Other recent developments include a new double knit machine for the production of lingerie, the BRM 2.
Double knit, polyester and cotton were some of the fabrics that were received.
In addition, its practice pants are made of 100% polyester double knit with an elastic waist, lace fly and snap waist with 1[inch] white half web belt.
I arrived there with a blue double knit suit on with a flap over the pocket, a big tie with big birds--partridge--on it, and a big afro.
These machines include various type of machines such as single knit, double knit, (inter-lock), loop knit (terry/fleece), pique and rib body for garment accessories.
Knit fabrics that have a small amount of stretch include jersey, double knit, dense sweater knits and terry cloth.
The Youth line also has the built-in snaps, and features a lace front and 100% polyester double knit construction.
The featured top is made in a stretch lace, but jersey, slinky knit and double knit also work well with this style.
1 1/4 yard of double knit or jersey knit print fabric