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a knit fabric similar to jersey that is made with two sets of needles producing a double thickness joined by interlocking stitches

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These machines include various type of machines such as single knit, double knit, (inter-lock), loop knit (terry/fleece), pique and rib body for garment accessories.
Developed in response to the common problem of excessive puddling during a sweaty yoga session, the Hot Yoga Towel is created with ultra soft, double knit microfiber-that remains super gentle on the skin but tough against toxins.
The Youth line also has the built-in snaps, and features a lace front and 100% polyester double knit construction.
Aptly attired in double knit, Roberta Kitchenoff, a senior marketing manager for Campbell Soup Company (NYSE: CPB), one of two (of course) sponsors for the contest, explained that the contest is being conducted as part of the national introduction of Campbell's Double Noodle Soup, a new chicken broth based soup that contains an abundance of noodles.
And I will watch, finally with some satisfaction, when Nancy Pelosi sits upright in her double knits, next to Dick "Waterboard" Cheney slumped and grumpy behind George as he labors through his "If I Did It" State of the Union address.
Double knits are back as they allow for great comfort, particularly when traveling.
By the time Georgio Armani and Donna Karan succumbed to stretch polyester double knits, no one cried, `blasphemy
Sweaters double as coats, shirttails peek out of dresses and textured cotton lined woolen's feature side zippers over tailored double knits.
Women will want to stock up on scads of skinny leggings, sweater dresses, double knits and loads of accessories.