double glazing

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a window with two panes of glass and a space between them

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Double glazing has many benefits, including added security and noise reduction
We all know the bad reputation that the double glazing industry has, starting with pushy salespeople and ending with below standard fitting or products.
OFT director Nisha Arora said: "Energy efficiency products such as double glazing can offer major benefits to consumers through lower energy bills and warmer homes, but it is important that people are able to make informed purchases with confidence.
Not only does the site offer the aforementioned information but homeowners can also get a range of competitive quotes when and if they decide to go ahead with any double glazing work.
Their fully qualified staff are able to design and install triple or double glazing, replacement windows and conservatories for all types of homes and buildings.
Double glazing, gas central heating, garage and front and rear gardens.
Double glazing works by trapping air between two panes of glass, creating an insulating barrier that reduces heat loss, noise and condensation.
It isn't as effective as proper double glazing but is just pounds 6.
The company, which makes the aluminium dividing and insulation strips for double glazing, had been owned by a private equity company, but was facing difficult trading.
concludes: Double glazing is one of the most ex-pensive improvements you can make to your home.
For a low-energy building there seems to be a lot of glass, but thanks to wooden frames and double glazing, heat retention is high, while strong daylight reduces the need to burn electricity for lighting.
He finds that by watching people who are having double glazing fitted he can very often get for nothing their old window frames.
The cost of refitting double glazing in landmark buildings and meeting all other requirements for mullions and historical integrity is very high.
Economising when prices continue to rise can be a difficult task but Double Glazing Prices has put an innovative system in place which makes saving money easy.
The property has double glazing and a gas central heating system.