double flat

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a musical notation of two flats in front of a note indicating that it is to be lowered by two semitones

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A selection of sheets is also reduced by 30 per cent with a 100 per cent cotton double flat sheet for example, selling at pounds 9.
These absurdities (from today's point of view) were removed, but this sometimes caused displeasure, as did enharmonic changes of individual notes and sometimes whole passages from double flat or double sharp to simpler notated form (obviously sounding exactly the same).
Telecommunication terminal cover at Keystone double flat (module) - Simon 54 Premium
Enharmonic respellings simplify the score's appearance when double flats and sharps would have made the voice-leading more clear for analysis.
In his lecture at Darmstadt in 1984, Feldman makes a connection between his use of unusual spellings--specifically double flats and double sharps--and rugs.
The unidentified area will include 174 units, ranging from bungalows to single and double flats.