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two games instead of one (especially in baseball when the same two teams play two games on the same day)

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During the depression years (1929 to 1939) double features were an attempt by theatre owners to encourage admissions (Bjork, 1989).
Sony, which has been bullish about double features, also has explored triple features but has yet to release any.
Weekend to remember: Love is in the air tonight and Saturday at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art with a pair of double features about this most elusive of sentiments.
Clarkson helpfully lists a hundred or so of Tarantino's favorites, and they evoke his vision of the world as so many superimposed morphologies, a never-ending series of double features.
In the '30s, it ran double features, with vaudeville acts and music by Henry Murtagh on the Wurlitzer organ.
98 SRP with the individual double features of each team available for $14.
Double features play daily, starting Monday and Tuesday with martial-arts master Jet Li in ``The Scripture With No Words'' and ``Forbidden City Cop.
In an effort to offer consumers more value for their money, we're launching a new series of Lifetime Original Movie double features, which will include two discs for the price of one.
They've got screening rooms at both Camp David and the White House, and the family watches many double features.
and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment announced today that fans will soon get to journey back through time and space with C-3PO, R2-D2 and the adorable and resourceful Ewoks as they set out on adventures of their own in three new DVD double features.
They used to show it in between the double features,'' explains Gadget, er, Adams, over the phone.
95, are ``The Black Pirate'' (1926), ``Robin Hood'' (1922), ``The Iron Mask'' (1929), ``The Thief of Bagdad'' (1924), ``The Three Musketeers'' (1921), ``The Gaucho'' (1927), ``The Mark of Zorro'' (1920), ``Don Q, Son of Zorro'' (1925), and two double features, ``The Mollycoddle'' (1920) and ``Flirting With Fate'' (1916), and ``The Nut'' (1921) and ``The Matrimaniac'' (1916).
Double Features of Scary Flicks -- All-Digital Picture Plus
DVDs in the series include the double feature "The Tails of Abbygail: New Friends and Adventures / The Adventures of Pookie Lu Little" ($24.