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bookkeeper debits the transaction to one account and credits it to another

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The argument, particularly about double entry and especially as it gets closer to the present, tends to slide from causal analysis to synecdoche (using part of something to refer to the whole).
And so accountants have named Luca Pacioli the 'father of accounting'--and any story of double entry must pay him special attention.
This Velocity 200 has a large porch and double entry for ease of access and weighs only 7.
The official claimed that since display of provisional lists at display centres no complaint has been received regarding a missing vote or double entry.
They were the first double entry into the enclosure in the zoo's 75-year history and took almost a year of negotiations between keepers across Europe.
According to RouteOne CEO, Mike Jurecki, 'Dealers will be able to run reports directly from within RouteOne, eliminating double entry and use of multiple systems, saving them time and money.
Features include creation of work orders or shop travelers using simple drop down menus preloaded with the user's current QuickBooks data; a viewable a graphical schedule with color-coded job priority; creation of work orders from QuickBooks estimates, eliminating double entry of job information; work-order form printing; and export of work orders to QuickBooks as unpaid invoices ready to send to the customer.
This website in combination with advanced software designed for the construction/home improvement industry make scheduling efficient, eliminates double entry into accounting software, allows for on site estimating and more.
I still work in an office 45 years later, now using computers, spreadsheets and the latest internet technology, but I still use the basic principles I learned at Matty's, double entry book-keeping in hand-written ledgers and adding up all those columns in my head
Because this is written in the UK, some issues, such as VAT taxes, may not apply outside; but the basics of understanding wages, taxes, accounts, and double entry book-keeping are essential to any small business.
Buy Plan Management is completely interfaced with SAI's core systems, eliminating double entry and inherent errors.
50 double entry system applies and for details ring (01670) 822440.
One show was about Tantric yoga and the other was called Double Entry.