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an ambiguity with one interpretation that is indelicate

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1968) the court held that Sugar & Spice was registrable because it should be considered a double entendre for bakery products.
But a double entendre name is not always a sore point.
IN THE EXETER BOOK we find the so-called sexual riddles, (1) whose classification as such has traditionally relied on the presence of two essential components: sexual imagery and double entendre.
From its double entendre title to its black and white horror movie style illustrations, More Bloody Horowitz delivers dollops of gore guaranteed to shock and delight fans of the macabre.
As such, the double entendre is something incorporated into the work of several artists dealing with Pakistan's society and politics.
She says that the cow belt films are replete with vulgar scenes, double entendre dialogue and uncouth sequences.
But you get the feeling he took distinct pleasure in the title as a double entendre for the impact the vocoder's dance commands made on Miami's shoreline, the city being well and good 'til robo-voiced, heavy bass music started rattling jeeps.
A woman walked into a bar and asked for a double entendre, so the barman gave her one.
The scene in which the girls find out exactly what lies behind the website Men, Men, Men was a particular favourite with the audience, who lapped up every innuendo, pun and double entendre.
Sooner than later, this nomadic troubadour had the opportunity to divulge his humorous guarachas (characterized by their risque lyrics' double entendre format) through the airwaves of Holguin's CMKO, but he didn't step into the spotlight until the 1960s, when one of his amusing and picaresque guarachas (El guayabero) was internationally popularized by Pacho Alonso & Los Bocucos.
In Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Joachim Valentine, vampire and pro wrestler, spouts mountains of double entendre as he fights his way through the Man Festival, which culminates in, well--gay sex.
The line, "Someday I'm gonna stand beside my King," rests alongside a double entendre about some sugar in the bowl.
In his comic prime old Tarby would have had a field day with that type of saucy end-of-the-pier double entendre.
The Valentine's Day theme, "Pucker Up for Valentine's Day with Hallmark Canada," linked this national pastime with romance in an attention-grabbing double entendre.