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an ambiguity with one interpretation that is indelicate

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But a double entendre name is not always a sore point.
In Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Joachim Valentine, vampire and pro wrestler, spouts mountains of double entendre as he fights his way through the Man Festival, which culminates in, well--gay sex.
The line, "Someday I'm gonna stand beside my King," rests alongside a double entendre about some sugar in the bowl.
In his comic prime old Tarby would have had a field day with that type of saucy end-of-the-pier double entendre.
The Valentine's Day theme, "Pucker Up for Valentine's Day with Hallmark Canada," linked this national pastime with romance in an attention-grabbing double entendre.
Bryant acknowledges this connection in the double entendre of his title, meant to evoke both an image of a massive endowment and a lynching.
The beauty of the double entendre, when it is well-crafted, is that it is on the face of it entirely innocent, and it is only slowly that its dirty alternative meaning dawns on the listener.
As well as being an obvious double entendre, the title Pink Comforter, 2005, also refers to a rare flash of bright color.
has mastered the art of the clever slogan and the double entendre in its newest campaign targeted at adult learners.
Doug-Bob follows with a witty double entendre of a poem titled "The Soft Red Chair", whereby he contemplates poetry, women, and grammatical correctness in a bookstore:
At the Kerry fest, she carried a liquor bottle and did a twenty-minute riff on that double entendre gift bag of a word: "bush.
Well , one has to appreciate her little double entendre.
The name of the company, said Schroeder, "is a double entendre.
Cut appears in Middletons A Chaste Maid in Cheapside as a double entendre underlying Lady Kix's lament on her childlessness: "Can any woman have a greater CUt?