double dribble

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an illegal dribble in basketball (the player uses both hands to dribble or the player starts to dribble a second time after coming to a stop)

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But then I was still concerned about how I thought I saw the double dribble.
Every error is an error of substance, a betrayal of ignorance and inexperience, the academic equivalent of the double dribble.
Kendrick Perkins followed with a free throw, and after Kevin Garnett forced Jennings to double dribble, Rondo pulled up for 19-footer to make it 91-86.
Even when they struggled, the Mustangs hustled: Elisabeth DeWaalMalefyt crashing into the bench chasing a loose ball; Kelly DeVries turning her ankle running down an errant pass; Becky Bracelin keeping her dribble alive surrounded by two SNU players while on her knees; all of the Mustangs harassing the Crimson Storm into costly traveling and double dribble calls and grabbing 27 offensive rebounds.
There was plenty to be happy about in Clipperland as the Clippers demolished playofound Phoenix 100-80 with fluid offense filled with alley- oop dunks and a suffocating defense that even forced Jason Kidd to double dribble.