double dipper

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someone who draws two incomes from the government (usually by combining a salary and a pension)

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Caption: From top: More than one dip can be served with the Chip and Double Dipper.
Marriott affirmed the importance of correcting the civil service condition and ending the double dippers, stressing the UK readiness to provide the necessary aid to develop civil service in Yemen.
The double dippers, those who believe the economy could yet stumble back into recession in the near future, are out there in force, as our coverage on Pages 4 and 5 of this supplement shows.
CONCERNS The double dippers - those who believe that the economy could yet turn down again - are not going away any time soon
Double Dippers was launched to the trade at Anuga, but Tops said he was already in talks with a couple of UK multiples interested in the concept.
The 3-year project is intended to deal with the issue of ghost workers and so-called double dippers workers who are who are registered twice on the payroll.
Mustafa Nasser, the head of the Economic Media and Studies Centre, an economic think-tank based in the Yemeni capital, told Gulf News that government began applying the new measures in the military since it is awash with ghost workers and double dippers.
Another major launch in the sector was Bel UK's Laughing Cow Cheez Double Dippers which joins Laughing Cow's existing Cheez Dipper brand.
Due to the wide range of outlooks for 2010's investment and economic potential, the report explores a variety of themes that fall into four different camps: Inflation is Coming, V-Shaped Recovery, Slow but Growing, and Double Dippers.