double digit

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a two-digit integer

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Lt Col Al Bogham said that more than 90 per cent of the last patch of the double digit plate numbers like 87 and 76 have also been sold out.
com), leader in contextual search and smart online catalogs, is partnering with The Catalog Consultancy, a full service mail order, Internet and direct marketing consulting organization, to forge a new channel in the US, helping retail clients increase their online sales conversion rates to double digit ranges.
Five commodities reported double digit growth in the first quarter of 2005 including stone, clay and aggregates; petroleum and coke; waste and scrap materials; metals and metal products and intermodal.
How to Use Consensual Marketing Opt-In Strategies to Generate Double Digit Response" is the subject of an April 21st half-day workshop sponsored by the Direct Marketing Association Florida Chapter.
AMEX:MYR) recorded a double digit sales increase for the second consecutive year during the 2004 November-December holiday season (October 31 through December 25, 2004).
High markups in charges over costs by hospitals and other sectors of the healthcare industry help explain the continuing double digit rise in both employer-sponsored health insurance and Medicare premiums reported in recent days, the California Nurses Association said today.
Designed to Turn Single Digit Returns Into Double Digit Returns by
The last time the county's unemployment rate was in double digits was the fourth quarter 2004.
The average price per room increased by double digits for all Manhattan neighborhoods.
The 7-foot Fey, who scored in double digits in two of the first four games, attempted just three shots in 17 minutes.
The Lakers fell behind by double digits early in the second half, and the frustration began to spill out.
GSK has exclusive worldwide marketing rights to products resulting from the research, and will pay Ligand royalties on a sliding scale up to low double digits on sales of products that make it to market.