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The patients who participated in the study were divided into four groups in accordance with the DSM-IV criteria (Figure 1): the episodic major depression (EMD) group consisting of patients with current MDD without dysthymia (n=55), the chronic major depression (CMD) group including patients with MDD without dysthymia over the last two years (n=20), the pure dysthymia (DYS) group consisting of patients with dysthymia without current MDD (n=20), and the double depression (DD) group including patients who meet the diagnostic criteria of dysthymia and also of acute or chronic MDD (n=45).
However, sometimes women with dysthymia also suffer from episodes of major depression, a condition known as double depression.
The resulting uncertainties have stimulated clinical trials of interventions for co-existing Axis I and II psychopathology, double depression, minor depression and dysthymia, and mood disorders that co-exist with physical illnesses.
Of 400 women and 235 men diagnosed with chronic major depression or double depression, 57% of the women responded to the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor sertraline (Zoloft) by 12 weeks; 46% responded to the tricyclic antidepressant imipramine.
The new project, which began in April 1993, consists of 300 people with double depression and 240 with chronic major depression who sought help at one of 12 medical centers throughout the country.