double damages

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twice the amount that a court would normally find the injured party entitled to

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330) And in those cases where the defendant has intentionally violated the statute, and done so with unclean hands, the equities would certainly favor compensating the plaintiff with full monetary relief as well as double damages.
The Green paper therefore recommends the use of double damages "at the discretion of the court, automatic or conditional [ .
36) In IBP, applying a per hour standard pursuant to Washington state law for hourly employees, the Ninth Circuit concluded that IBP was liable to its employees for minimum wage for their lost 30-minute meal periods and second rest breaks, double damages, and prejudgment interest, on top of the damages it owed its employees pursuant to their [section] 216(b) claims for FLSA violations.
Despite the weight of judicial opinion to the contrary, many tortfeasors settling directly with the injured plaintiff say that a plaintiff attorney's failure to account to Medicare leaves them vulnerable to a subrogation claim by the government for the Medicare share and possibly double damages.
Bornstein, (8) the Supreme Court considered such double damages a means of making the government whole because of the fraud.
Whaley also awarded double damages on some counts in the class action.
The burden on the employer is a difficult one to meet, however, and double damages are the norm, single damages the exception" [Dingwall v.
In Illinois, an insurer can collect treble damages from an insured who is paid on a fraudulent claim or double damages from an insured who has attempted to collect on a fraudulent claim.
The lawsuit said Pierce's willfulness increased the total amount he owed, including penalties and double damages, to nearly $50,000.
For example, the law establishes health care fraud as a Federal crime; increases allowable civil money penalties - originally $2,000 per claim and double damages - to $10,000 per claim and treble damages; and enables investigators to subpoena records from private payers.
In addition, violators are subject to punitive damages and risk employee's private suits with double damages.
Employers may also be liable for double damages for failure to act in reasonable good faith, and may be fined $ 100 for failure to post notice.