double damages

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twice the amount that a court would normally find the injured party entitled to

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The government sought reimbursement from Goetzmann and his client and double damages from the manufacturer.
Employers may also be liable for double damages for failure to act in reasonable good faith, and may be fined $ 100 for failure to post notice.
In another important aspect of the ruling that has applications throughout the economy, the Court held that double damages can be awarded in discrimination cases only if the employer acted in "reckless disregard" of antidiscrimination law.
The failure to consider Medicare's interests may result in significant exposure, including double damages for the insurance carrier or self-insured; government action against the attorney(s) or primary payer under right of recovery; claimant's loss of benefits under Medicare; and a post-settlement malpractice claim by the claimant.
The amount to be distributed to the class will be determined by the Court but will likely include double damages for the violation.
Suit seeks economic damages of $3,483, noneconomic damages of $10,000 and double damages as provided by ORS 90.
24(i) authorizes such recovery of double damages only with respect to insurance companies (third party payers).
Those who fail to comply with these federal laws are subject to a $1,000 penalty per day per claim and/or double damages, interest, and personal liability.
Sacred Heart committed this violation willfully and therefore the hospital was ordered to pay double damages, interest and all attorney fees for the multiyear legal battle.
Nelson added, "Under the new legislation, the Federal Government may be entitled to double damages in the event it institutes legal action for reimbursement from self-insurers or insurance companies.
Murtagh Cooke her lost back pay and lost retirement benefits, but also extended her damages back three years and awarded her liquidated double damages.
Novozymes Awarded Double Damages, Attorneys' Fees and Costs in Bioethanol Patent Infringement Suit
Selna awarded Broadcom double damages and its attorneys' fees in the case, based upon the jury's finding of willful infringement.
The Court of Appeals also affirmed the District Court's award of attorneys' fees and double damages in the case.