double bond

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a covalent bond in which two pairs of electrons are shared between two atoms

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1] were used to quantify the silane incorporation and the terminal double bond formation, respectively [10,11].
1] in the GMO spectra is related to the double bond [14].
Several procedures adopted for the regioselective hydroboration of the terminal double bond.
Fatty acids differ in their chain length, number, position, and geometry (c/'s or trans) of their double bonds.
43 [Angstrom] in length and carbon-oxygen bonds with "partial double bond character" are typically 1.
The high double bond character of these bonds also affects the C-N stretching frequencies of the infrared spectrum, which were shifted considerable towards higher frequency from the normal C-N region.
Company's clamps for fitting attachment are offered in ear type, worm gear, and double bond styles.
Environ Health Perspect 113:1784-1786 (2005)], the double bond between HN and boron was incorrect.
Omega-3 PUFAs are long-chain carbon molecules, characterised by the presence of a double bond between the third and fourth carbon atom.
In Carole Angier's biography of Levi, The Double Bond, she takes a different position.
The publication of The Double Bond is itself an event--a cultural occurrence of signal importance not only for Levi scholarship, but also for the larger disciplines of contemporary Italian literature, and for the ever-growing field of Holocaust studies.
It was a gamble when we went forward with the stadium project,'' said Moos, noting a double bond payment of $4 million was due this year.
Fatty acids with no double bonds are known as saturated; fatty acids with one double bond are called monounsaturated; those with two or more double bonds are called polyunsaturated.
in the sidewalls of tires which typically have a high double bond concentration due to the NR and BR in these compounds (figure 2).