double bond

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a covalent bond in which two pairs of electrons are shared between two atoms

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Typically, each carbon atom participating in a double bond also bonds to one hydrogen atom and the next carbon atom in the chain.
Total quantity or scope: DESIGN - SEPARATION probe double bond groups ERNEI STRUCTURE AND PAINGENI
The peaks used for quantification of the silane incorporation and terminal double bond formation are indicated with circles.
The higher the electron density at the double bond, the higher the sensitivity against ozone.
and for each bromine molecule addition, a double bond disappears.
Replacement by retrofitting of a 225 000 v underground double bond in oleostatic cables, in the city of marseille (france).
The IR, MS and NMR spectra were similar to compound 1 except for the one additional hydroxyl group and the lack of double bond in the side chain.
The conversion of acryloyl post-catalyzation can be followed by observing the absorption of the double bond using FTIR (809 [cm.
Trans-fats are hydrogenated fatty acid that lost their double bond to become solidified and more stable to oxidation.
Double Bond Chemical (DBC), a manufacturer of photoinitiators and oligomers recently launched DM527 and DM528 resins.
The GMO double bond is located at the center of the molecules' lipophilic tail.
In the two polymerization processes, NMR analyses confirmed that the reaction occurred involving both the terminal acrylic double bond and the conjugated double bonds of the aliphatic chain.
To explain the favored stereoselectivity to the [beta] methyl position, we speculate that there is a competition for the [pi] Ru complex above or below the plane of the terminal double bond, with a more efficient internal H addition from below giving a sigma alkyl Ru complex with the primary terminal carbon and the reductive elimination to form the final hydrogenated product adding the final hydrogen from the same side of the sigma alkyl complex [9,15].
Function-structure analysis indicated 1) flavonoids with more free phenolic hydroxyl groups showed relative higher antiplatelet and antiradical activities; 2) substitution of 7-OH of A ring affected antiplatelet capacities of flavanones apparently; 3) free 3-OH of C ring was important for both the antiplatelet and antiradical activities of flavonol (quercetin) and flavones (rutin isoquercitrin); 4) C ring C2-C3 double bond and B ring 3'-4'orthodihydroxy might be important for its antiradical function.
There are two main types of Fats namely saturated (have single bonds between the carbon atoms) and unsaturated (have double bonds between the carbon atoms can either be mono-unsaturated with only one double bond) or poly-unsaturated (with more than one set of double bonds).