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(psychology) an unresolvable dilemma

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Analysis of officers' detachment, withdrawal, paranoia and literalism, coupled with the understanding that the life of a correctional officer is largely contradictory in nature, suggests that officers' challenges with burnout are very likely associated with hearing organizational tensions as double binds.
Indeed, hearing and framing organizational tensions as double binds is not inevitable.
That is, the texts imply that female witnesses use the jurors' doubled expectations of the male lawyer - that he must exercise both his professional duty as a lawyer and his gendered duty as a man - against him as double binds.
She links the double binds associated with maternal power to those inherent in the gift-giving rituals of Jacobean court patronage, illuminating that recalcitrant text, Timon of Athens.
These strategies include circular reasoning, double binds, generalizations, and name-calling, among a host of other rhetorical tricks.
Such double binds as are included in Figure 5 are particularly confusing when both extremes are presented within a family, a business, or a circle of close friends.
The discipline of misbehaving workers is a constant source of double binds.
Actually, The Taming of the Shrew seems more vulnerable to the criticism that it doesn't compel enough attention to its "traps" and double binds, leaving so many readers, directors, and audiences free to construe it and enjoy it as a relatively straightforward celebration of abuse.
Researchers are unsure why double binds are so effective.