double bind

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(psychology) an unresolvable dilemma

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Bordo's exploration of the double bind of masculinity provides a useful tool for analyzing cases of DD, as men in DD relationships find themselves in a double bind, negotiating the tension between punishing a submissive wife and knowing when to comfort her.
In the final chapter of the book, Valente offers particularly sensitive readings of Dubliners' "Counterparts" and the "Cyclops" episode in Ulysses to reveal how Joyce not only rejects the imperial representations of both natural and ethical gender norms, but also simultaneously mocks "the nationalist faith in Irish manliness as a panacea for achieving social and political autonomy" (188), leaving the Irish nationalist no solution except to change entirely the terms of the gender double bind.
the Revivalist double bind of Irish womanhood," but does so in such a way as to trace it to a "doubly articulated Irish paternalism" (123), a paternalism that relies, as did the political and chivalric discourse of the era, on British cultural standards.
This explanation of suicidal or destructive behavior as an effect of the double bind must be strictly distinguished from an explanation that posits a death drive as the cause of such behavior.
Previously: The Double Bind (*** May/June 2007) and Before You Know Kindness (*** SELECTION Jan/Feb 2005)
It is not acceptable for the NGRC to ignore the trainer's legal responsibility to protect his or her dogs and leave the trainer in a double bind.
com/cgi-bin/prnh/20060208/BORDERSLOGO ) What: Bohjalian reads from and signs copies of his 10th book, "The Double Bind.
Kipp makes legible the ideological work of incest in this play, deriving from it what could be called the gothic maternal double bind.
One practitioner expressed the double bind that Hispanic women in the United States face in attempts to integrate the competing values placed on family roles with pressures to he economically independent.
What that translates into is that children of impoverished families may be thrown into a double bind.
All of you are in a double bind that makes keeping your previous shape extra hard.
In chapters 4 and 5, McManus makes her best contribution in a series of fine readings of passages in books 2, 4, and 6, in which Spenser engages the complexities of the cultural situation of the court ladies, who found themselves in a double bind between the twin cultural imperatives to be irreproachably chaste, and yet put themselves forward to make marriages advantageous to their aristocratic families.
The same principal can be used to double bind a defensive end who is playing a 5 technique.
The double bind that provides the energy that drives modernism forward has lost some of its bite, as we no longer vacillate between the need for solitude and the urge for company.
In fact, all of us are caught in the double bind of a wave of retirements (an estimated 30,000 over the next three years) and booming enrollments (an estimated increase of about a million students by 2010).