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notation marking the end of principal parts of a musical composition

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Tide and Omo, Jeyes fluid, red Lifebuoy soap and double bars of Puritan and Sunlight; Robin starch and a bottle of 1001 carpet cleaner - who can forget the advert that ran for years, 'Onethousand-and-one cleans a big, big carpet for less than half a crown
I question the decision to emphasize division into "numbers" in a way not found in the original notation; having added double bars and line endings, Griffiths must then qualify them with the editorial annotation "encha[hat{i}]ner" and an explanation (compare, for instance, the foot of the page shown in plate 4 with pp.
This special trapeze, with its double bars and hand and foot loops, spins as well as swings, yielding countless in-air choreographic possibilities.
To put it into context, there were 20,000 DFCs issued in the Second World War, of them 1,550 DFCs were awarded one bar, but there were only 42 double bars during the whole war.
Both vehicles features adaptive air suspension in their firmer Sport configuration, which lowers the body by 10mm, They have 19-inch alloys and ventilated disc brakes, a front grille with chromed horizontal double bars and optional carbon-ceramic discs.
There were also packets of Tide and Omo and drums of Vim,bags of Reckitt's blue, double bars of Puritan and Sunlight soap and bars of red Lifebuoy - the smell of which I hated.