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notation marking the end of principal parts of a musical composition

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The new product is an industrial strength double bar system that helps to eliminate bar sag to less than 1/2 inch up to 10 feet in bar length.
The ladies pouring drinks in the Daily Double Bar in the grandstand agreed with each other that it's the casual environment of the track across the street from the Pacific Ocean.
Some of the manufacturer's capabilities: creating a woven lace look--as opposed to knitted--with its own double bar jacquard machines.
In 2006 we expect to double bar code scanner revenue and improve its gross margin by at least 15 percentage points.
The collection, which included a Distinguished Flying Cross with double bar, awarded to Squadron Leader Joseph Berry realised PS17,500 at the Anderson & Garland sale in Newcastle.
On a separate piece of paper, construct a double bar graph.
Miron is a BMX pioneer, and is the first rider to complete a double back flip, a double bar spin and a 540 tailwhip, among others.
FM series are available with double bar or triangular key locks, whilst the CSL.
DANCING QUEEN: Paisley print satin dress, pounds 18, sizes 8-18, white opaque tights S/M/L, double bar shoes, pounds 12.
On a separate piece of paper, create a double bar graph.
References following the double bar (||) are to dictionary and encyclopedia articles about the deceased.
XV:25, the following specific advice, for the closing measures of the movement, is helpful in thinking about harmonic stress points: "Two measures before the double bar the composer prepares for the resolution on the tonic by sounding the chord of the dominant seventh.
Buyers get roof rails mounted on double bars, plus will find the wheel arches, bumpers and sills painted in a contrasting colour, though these items can be body-coloured if the optional aluminium exterior package is specified.
Busoni indicates his with double bars, giving no comment as to the manner of their realization; Bartok uses the aforementioned symbols; Czerny seems a bit ashamed of the phrasing breaks, but clearly marks them nonetheless.
Among eye-catching design cues are the platinum grey single-frame grille with galvanized aluminium-look double bars, the roof spoiler and quadruple tailpipes.