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Synonyms for double back



Synonyms for double back

retrace one's course

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Sinclair is known for completing the biggest comeback in action sports history when he won the X Games FMX biggest trick in 2010, landing a perfect double back flip only one year after the same trick nearly took his life.
There are two new $12,000 cash register scanning systems, a new $14,000 roof, a new $5000 double back door, new $2000 liquor display cases, a new bathroom, and a new office.
uk/rememberwhen ON THEIR MILKY WAY: These lads with a lot of bottle were on their milky way at the double back in October 1985.
SAM TWISTON-DAVIES endured a nightmare afternoon at Perth earlier in the month, but he set the record straight with a double back at the Scottish track.
Now returning to top form, Hamdan al Mazrooi was soon to break away and despite taking a wrong turning and having to double back onto the course, he quickly opened a large gap between him and the front pack.
Later alterations by Philip Dowson introduced visitors to the celebrated view of the long lawn; but visitors still had to double back to align themselves with Jacobsen's ceremonial route across the bridge.
Arriaga, who favors Quentin Tarantino-esque tales that double back to bite you in the keester, lays out his story in both the past and present tense.
I'd probably double back to The Prophet, because Khalil Gibran tells you how to live, how to resolve conflict, how to love your mate, raise your kids, keep your head right when others are losing theirs.
Early solutions were to extend the water tanks or make the strands double back through the same tank.
As Shannon Hudson tweaked the latest ``01'' before its final delivery to its owner, Joshua Demuro saw it from the highway and had to double back.
Leute Bok is a double back which was discontinued by the brewery in the 1930s, but revived in 1997.