double agent

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a spy who works for two mutually antagonistic countries

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The Trojan and Double Agent "Evolve" party is a part of the Trojan Evolve campaign, a comprehensive interactive effort featuring a giant 40 foot tour bus and virtual "roller coaster ride.
Forcing tactics also paid off for Double Agent, but the nine-year-old, who was well ridden by amateur Chris Gordon, only held on by a short head from Elysian Hawk after jumping the last clear.
As a fiduciary, a real estate broker or salesperson is thus prohibited from serving as a double agent representing parties with conflicts of interest in the same transaction without the informed consent of the principals.
Many small business owners deserve praise for the steps they've already taken to avoid data loss," according to San Antonio-based Geek Squad Double Agent Derek Scheider.
While David Estes (David Harewood), the director of the CIA's Counterterrorism Centre, and Carrie's other colleagues welcome Brody back into the fold to a hero's welcome, she fears that he is the double agent who has been programmed to spearhead a new terrorist attack on home soil.
But a new book tells the astonishing and little-known wartime story of a former Welsh police inspector who became a double agent pretending to work for Hitler while feeding vital information to MI5.
It's difficult to keep one double agent in play, and he managed them all .
Summary: The al-Qaeda underwear bomber picked up for an apparent plot to blow up an airliner was working as a double agent, US officials have said.
A NEW book written jointly by Cardiff film editor Madoc Roberts and renowned espionage writer Nigel West has told the full story of how a Welsh double agent played a crucial role in winning World War II.
The suicide bombing was reportedly carried out by a Jordanian who had been recruited by his government as a double agent to provide intelligence on Al Qaeda and Taliban activities.
The Jordanian intelligence services, believing the bomber to be their double agent, took him to eastern Afghanistan with the mission of finding Al-Qaeda number two, Ayman al-Zawahiri, the websites and Western intelligence agents cited by U.
Things only get worse when the russians get wind of the bomb, and demand double agent Lucas prove his loyalty by ensuring the device explodes.
DOUBLE AGENT is the clever title of a new Coventry exhibition exploring the work of seven artists who focus on people in their work.
The Double Agent headphones want to bump off your MP3 player too - they accept music on any size of SD card, are rechargeable and have hidden controls on the side.