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a smooth firm mild orange-red cheese

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And with a creamy double Gloucester a sweet dessert wine from Australia, Grant Burge 10-year-old Tawny (PS21 at Hailsham Cellars and Harrods), has toffee, caramel and long fruitcake richness that fits beautifully.
The event sees a double Gloucester cheese rolled down Cooper's Hill, followed by competitors who race down the steep slope after it.
The company launched the three-strong range - a Double Gloucester, Red Leicester and Wensleydale - in a bid to reinvigorate the territorial cheese sector, which had been struggling amid deep-cut promotions on Cheddar.
It had to be cancelled last year on health and safety grounds with organisers afraid of being sued by a slab of double Gloucester.
Hundreds of willing participants had annually hurtled down Coopers Hill chasing a huge circular block of Double Gloucester, despite regular broken bones.
Llandyrnog Creamery is one of the UK's biggest cheese factories and also makes Double Gloucester and Red Leicester.
Every year since 1750, competitors have thrown themselves 200 yards down Cooper's Hill in Brockworth, Gloucestershire, chasing an 8lb wheel of Double Gloucester cheese, hoping to be the first to catch it.
After risking life and limb to scramble down the unbelievably steep Cooper's Hill and grab the hallowed Double Gloucester, the winner will be presented with not only his cheese, but a gigantic card from www.
Antawn Jamison's "Double-Down" sandwich consists of roasted turkey, double smoked bacon, double Gloucester cheese, lemon dill mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, red leaf lettuce and vine ripe tomatoes.
Runners tore down a steep 300-yard course in pursuit of an 8-pound double Gloucester cheese wheel Monday at a revival of the custom of cheese rolling.
Then there's a Wensleydale, double Gloucester or red Leicester for you, while any number of soft and gooey, hard or melting cheeses are available from supermarkets and artisan producers up and down the country.
The Yorkshire-based cheesemaker was crowned Supreme Champion for its handcrafted traditional Double Gloucester and in total won five cups, six gold, three silver and two bronze awards for its range of handcrafted cheeses at The National Cheese Awards.
Rebel cheese rollers again staged their own unofficial event after the world-famous competition, which sees thrill-seekers chase an 8lb piece of Double Gloucester down a steep hill, was cancelled in 2010.
Several hundred spectators watched as the daredevil athletes pursued the Double Gloucester cheese down 200 metres of slippery, wet grass, brambles and nettles.
The range comprises handmade Mature Cheddar, Red Leicester, Double Gloucester, White Cheshire, Cheshire with Spring Onion, Smoked Red Leicester and Toasted Hop Cheddar.