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the residue of partially burnt tobacco left caked in the bowl of a pipe after smoking

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Merco Rentals LLC, led by Paul and Dottle Merritt, bought the 11518 Fairview Road project.
Dottle Zyla, who is married to co-owner Jack Zyla, said that the couple has been thinking about selling for the last year due to the economic downturn.
I would have to say that the terms Dottle spear or glass-Dottle spear, rather than whitefella Dottle points, were the more common Kriol terms used to describe glass points as opposed to stone ones (Kriol: stoneDottle spear) in the more than 40 years that I have been involved with the Kimberley.
IT certainly feels funky pumping out not one but two creams from this high-tech Dottle.
According to Dottle Mattison, senior vice president and general merchandise manager of apparel at Wal-Mart, the brand fills a clear consumer need.
Dottle Evans, The Judge Advocate General's School, U.
Dottle Baroque features dots in a rainbow of colors, decorating shapes inspired by a bit of Baroque.
Niall Hobhouse, Simon Jervis, Tim Knox, Chris Lacey, Martin Levy, Errol Manners, Angela Minshull, Gerry McQulllan, James Miller, john Morton Morris, Anthony Mould, Dottle Owens, Charles Pugh, Francis Russell, Lord Sackville, Rosalind Savill, Michael Simpson, Sarah Staniforth, Sir Edmund Verney, Tessa Wild and Lucy Wood.
The graduates include: Tom Heasley from NAVSUP HQ; Dottle Basehore, Mike Beliveau, and Cathy Wiechelt from NAVICE Mechanicsburg; Elizabeth Sossaman and Irv Farmer from NAVICP Philadelphia; Steve Palmer from FISC Jacksonville; Sheryl Harts and Dianna Klein from FISC Norfolk; Nicole Davis and Joyce Jo from FISC Pearl Harbor; Mary Terry from FISC Puget Sound; Carolyn Wright from FISC San Diego; Max Crouch and Mike Klotz from FISC Yokosuka; Diane Billman, Andrew Groenenboom, Meredith Passaro, Brian Laird, Louis Marbrey, Janis Morehead, and Karen Pease from NAVSISA; and Brad Letts and Wanda Romero from NOLSC.
Dottle knew how much I loved tomatoes, so she made it a point to serve them daily, sometimes even for breakfast.
Hooked on God) Life (NGMR/Taesis); THE GOSPEL WONDERS (Church Howse); CLASSIC SOUTHERN GOSPEL (Smithsonian Folkways), with performances by Bill Monroe, Doc Boggs and Doc Watson; RODNIE BRYANT, Change of Seasons (Tyscot); DOTTLE PEOPLES, Live in Memphis; He Said It (Atlanta Intl.
Consumers are becoming more tied to these vehicles, and they are using them as part of their weekly and monthly budgeting," says Paul Dottle, senior vice president of retail and emerging markets for New York-based American Express.
That treatment by Tom's Aunt Dottle reflects what Leverenz sees as a "dynamic of dominance and humiliation" in American literature when dealing with males in the struggle to prevent discovery and to maintain power over the self (p.
For example, Dottle Whipple first heard about the Commemorative March at the Morton Powwow, and she said, "When I heard about it I thought this is something that I need to do.
Mochrie was married to Dottle Pepper, a golf pro who still competes on the LPGA Tour, and is known as an especially good, low-handicapper's teacher.