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Synonyms for dottily

in a mildly insane manner

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After dottily helping to sink his wife's campaign for the 2008 Democratic nomination, he is struggling mightily to deal with the realization that Barack Obama will have a better claim on the title of "first black president" than he does.
Suddenly it no longer seems the trial went ahead because the Queen dottily forgot about their meeting.
Elsewhere Richard Harris is dottily dignified as top wizard Albus Dumbledore and Maggie Smith reprises her refined Miss Jean Brodie Scottish accent as Professor McGonagall.
Dottily dreadful Julia Brogan in Brookside (Channel 4) revealed that she loved a good mystery story and enjoyed nothing better than "an early night, a cup of cocoa and an Agatha Crispen".
Amanda Barrie was staring dottily into space, a pose she pretty much kept up all evening.