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a line made up of dots or dashes

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Fold and tuck the red tabs into the slits indicated by a white dotted line to add stability.
There is no key to indicate scale or orientation, but similarly broken or dotted lines also appear, transformed, in other, larger works on view here.
Press along the dotted lines with a paper clip to "score" the tabs.
The fall of the Twin Towers in New York City in September 2001 has made such an impact on students' lives, changing their views on the world and forcing them to reevaluate American values, that the students felt necessary to paint a skyscape of Manhattan with dotted lines to represent the location where the towers once stood.
Cut the slit in his cap, cutting along the dotted lines only.
We need more dotted lines than solid ones,'' said Drummond, calling on state teachers and administrators to reach beyond their own management structures to embrace change.
The items at and below the dotted lines become increasingly specific, as does our ability to describe the world at a more granular and specific level.
Cut them out along the dotted lines, fold up the slips and put them in a large envelope or a bag.
There are about a dozen combinations of yellow and white solid and dotted lines.
Figure 5A shows the shear stress of a three-layer coextrusion, with the dotted lines indicating the interface positions.
The colored dotted lines on the sketches show that the card's bottom half must extend beyond the image.
Detach the ballot found between pages 88 and 89 along dotted lines.
It is nice to see that the whole of King George V Drive, Heath, Cardiff, has just had the dotted lines repainted for residents-only parking.
With animated X's and O's and circles with numbers connected by dotted lines swirling with each click, the Coach's Edge Website (http://www.
Hard at work with their crayons, they traced the shapes of numbers made of dotted lines and colored pictures of a fierce-looking hammerhead shark for a science lesson.