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a line made up of dots or dashes

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The State Department warning may be based on some cases it has come across of businesses prepared to sign on the dotted line now.
3) Create your egg launcher: With the help of an adult, cut the egg launcher template to the right along the dotted lines, and fold on the white solid lines.
BALLYMENA United midfielder Oran Kearney is finally set to sign on the dotted line for Linfield.
NORTHRIDGE - Circuit City signed on the dotted line Monday to take a spot at the Northridge Fashion Center.
Here are a few key business issues to take into consideration before signing on the dotted line.
Ask an adult to help you cut along the dotted line.
JOKE commemorative beakers are being snapped up - featuring a dotted line and the words "In Case of Divorce Break Here" - opposite a Charles and Camilla cartoon by Spitting Image artist Giles Pilbrow.
7) morning hosts Kevin and Bean signed on the dotted line with the Burbank modern-rock station.
A California company, Plaid Brothers Software; InterCom Online; and Marketing Technologies Group were all waiting for the passage of the legislation to sign on the dotted line.
Lyons will supervise all sales for the Group's eight network-affiliated television stations and each station's general sales manager will have dotted line responsibility to him.
Celebs who have signed on the dotted line are Vinnie Jones, Kerry McFadden.
After more than a month of negotiation, Lisa Kudrow still hasn't signed on the dotted line - but it's pretty much assumed by all involved that she'll be John Travolta's leading lady in ``Numbers,'' a Paramount/DreamWorks romantic comedy that is now slated to roll in November.
New York Transit Authority clearly demonstrates, anyone who signs on the dotted line and hopes that the courthouse may offer a reprieve from obligations which are especially one-sided is making a big mistake.
When it comes to buying homeowners insurance, many Americans sign on the dotted line and then leave their policy on auto-pilot.
Rights to the Suffolk rockers' songs have been the subject of a fierce battle all year, and the group finally signed on the dotted line in Birmingham on Monday.