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be foolish or senile due to old age

shower with love

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Sedley was not married; she was sure Amelia had said he was, and she doted so on little children.
I wonder whether he ever so much as suspected that some one doted on her, at a hopeless, speechless distance, when he struck in and won her.
There were brilliant ladies about London who perfectly doted on him, my dear, as the most charming creature and the most delightful person, who would have been shocked to find themselves so close to him if they could have known on what sights those thoughtful eyes of his had rested within an hour or two, and near to whose beds, and under what roofs, his composed figure had stood.
Neighbour Betty McLeod added: "Demi was a quiet girl who doted on her children - she was always with them.
Bubbles was doted on by the Bad singer, who adopted him in 1983.
The 31-year-old striker also doted on his daughter as he picked her up out of the water and cuddled her.
AN ex-printer for the Chronicle and Journal, described as a devoted family man who doted on his grandchildren, has passed away, aged 82.
Chris had three sons and three grandchildren, whom he doted on.
Doted on by her retired cop (uh oh) father (Osvaldo Santoro) and loving mom (Silvia Bayle), Cristina refuses to believe it when a judge (Hugo Arana) summons her to his chambers and introduces her to Elisa (the late Susana Campos), a grandmother she never knew she had.
Claire Beardsmore said her partner, 40-year-old Noel White, had doted on Shanice and the pair were 'totally inseparable'.