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an oldster in his dotage

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Ay, but too many nations are ruled by too many dotards these days.
Action is the best option in treating the dotard who, hard of hearing, is uttering only what he wants to say,' and 'I will surely and definitely tame the mentally deranged US dotard with fire.
This dotard word does sound incredibly like a Filipino-English word.
Kim's dotard missile could not have been more timely for me because I was preparing a lecture to be delivered at the Osaka University, a linguistic analysis of the terms used to refer to the elderly in English, Filipino and Chinese, with a focus on the ambivalence of attitudes we have toward the elderly.
Only the doddering and the dotards among us have lived in an America that is not armed, aggressive, and perpetually at war.
Sniffing out dotards who can be charged as Vichy collaborators has become one of France's few efficient modern industries (similar punishment for Moscow collaborators is naturally unthinkable).
22) Custom doth make dotards of us all" (Carlyle 1987 (1834), p.
With sheep initially being preferred, shepherds were the main type of labour required and shepherding had always been regarded in Australia as an extremely uncongenial occupation carried out by cantankerous dotards, incapable of doing anything better with their lives.
It would be interesting to know when this ceases in mind or body; but without calling other dotards to witness, I will record that, physically, it had ceased in me half-way through my seventies, as I once found when I jumped from a carriage at the suggestion of the young driver who said he did not like the way the horse was acting.
I have not happened to see dotards of my acquaintance going about crowned with the spectacles which they were ransacking the house for, and almost cursing and swearing in their failure to find, though I have heard of them often; and I have myself wandered in parallel oblivion till I had to abandon the search in despair.
The right to pass laws and baulk the elected government is to be taken away from the collection of ermine-clad dullards, dotards and eccentrics who are allowed to sit in Parliament by accident of birth - in some cases, an illegitimate accident.
Men, women, children, dotards, each yielded a forehead to his blessing and then a throat to the blade he offered with the other hand.
There are the "colored call-boys," the "Irish serving-man," the exotic "Spanish restaurants" where they might meet a "Cuban negro" cook or "a cross-eyed Alascian" waiter or a "South American" cashier, the "small Italian children" playing in the streets, "the infants and dotards of Latin extraction in Washington Square" (pp.
But liars don't merit the indulgence that is reserved for dotards and bumblers.
A young woman inherited the crowns and possessions of her father, but also an empty treasury and an army commanded by dotards.