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an oldster in his dotage

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Though the good people of the Parsonage never went to the Hall and shunned the horrid old dotard its owner, yet they kept a strict knowledge of all that happened there, and were looking out every day for the catastrophe for which Miss Horrocks was also eager.
And this, like every other trouble and anxiety I have had of late times, springs from that old dotard and his darling child--two wretched feeble wanderers
Assart of the forest, rights of agistment, rights of pannage, estovers of fire, house, cart or hedge, rush, fern, gorze and sedge rights, rights to searwood, to windfalls, to dotards, rights of lops and tops--in all, the overlapping vocabulary of natural and social relations recall a forgotten world, easily romanticized by those first criticizing the simplicities of meum et tuum.
And, if a third Gold Cup comes his way next month, it will become the sort of occasion dewy-eyed dotards tell their grandchildren about, the day Kauto Star won the title for a third time at the age of 12.
Only the doddering and the dotards among us have lived in an America that is not armed, aggressive, and perpetually at war.
Sniffing out dotards who can be charged as Vichy collaborators has become one of France's few efficient modern industries (similar punishment for Moscow collaborators is naturally unthinkable).