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an oldster in his dotage

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Playfair sees a rival arriving, for instance, he describes him as "too young to be the dotard that he is, too old to be the clownish fool he looks" (Herrick 39).
Here also you find the most intelligent and likeable portrait of Saint Joseph, rendered by a thoughtful painter who did not feel the need to portray the saint as a muscular dotard.
Elsewhere, however, where he reverts to his habit of singling out types, the needy Traveller, the young Enthusiast, the Hind, the Dotard, and others like them attract as many instances again.
Even when Shakespeare penned the famous speech by Jacques on the stages of life, one was not called a dotard until one actually doted.
position between good and evil" (796), and as Goodrich enumerates, Merlin "may appear in forms from devil to angel, Antichrist to Redeemer, wise old man to lustful dotard, shaman to scientist, wild man to sage" (Romance xv).
These include a robotic pet canine called Dotard or a personal Jet Pack to avoid traffic.
Some believe that the word is an expression of blame in some dialect (unnamed); it is like Ya a raj "O limper," as if he were saying to his sinful father, "O sinner, O dotard, O old man," or that it is a word of rebuke or forbidding wrong-doing.
niggard, dotard, aldermanrie, husbondrie), it has to be acknowledged that ABLE is different because its hybrid formations are not governed by local analogies.
Assart of the forest, rights of agistment, rights of pannage, estovers of fire, house, cart or hedge, rush, fern, gorze and sedge rights, rights to searwood, to windfalls, to dotards, rights of lops and tops--in all, the overlapping vocabulary of natural and social relations recall a forgotten world, easily romanticized by those first criticizing the simplicities of meum et tuum.
And, if a third Gold Cup comes his way next month, it will become the sort of occasion dewy-eyed dotards tell their grandchildren about, the day Kauto Star won the title for a third time at the age of 12.
Only the doddering and the dotards among us have lived in an America that is not armed, aggressive, and perpetually at war.
Sniffing out dotards who can be charged as Vichy collaborators has become one of France's few efficient modern industries (similar punishment for Moscow collaborators is naturally unthinkable).
With sheep initially being preferred, shepherds were the main type of labour required and shepherding had always been regarded in Australia as an extremely uncongenial occupation carried out by cantankerous dotards, incapable of doing anything better with their lives.