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Synonyms for dotage

old age


Synonyms for dotage

the condition of being senile

Synonyms for dotage

mental infirmity as a consequence of old age

References in classic literature ?
But, no, no; Porthos is not yet an invalid, nor is Aramis in his dotage.
They looked as if they had never known what youth or pleasure was, but had been the offspring of Nature's dotage, and always the gray, decrepit, sapless, miserable creatures, who now sat stooping round the doctor's table, without life enough in their souls or bodies to be animated even by the prospect of growing young again.
At the present moment they sat there silent, like two persons in their dotage, gazing about them at things they did not see.
I may be an old woman, but I am not in my dotage yet
The horror of Pitt Crawley may be imagined, as these reports of his father's dotage reached the most exemplary and correct of gentlemen.