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Synonyms for dotage

old age


Synonyms for dotage

the condition of being senile

Synonyms for dotage

mental infirmity as a consequence of old age

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This is something they will rue as Wales plummet down the FIFA rankings, of course, if they live long enough, as most of them are in their dotage.
Bush-who, in his dotage, has been accused by seven women of patting them below the waist while posing for photos with them!
The 6-3 6-1 6-4 victory continues Federer's magnificent season in what should be his tennis dotage, but even the most ardent of the Swiss' fans and there were many packed into Centre Court - did not want the final to play out like this.
The couple, who are in their mid-60s, are distraught yet workers are expected to toil in their jobs until they are almost 70 and indeed judges can work until their dotage.
In my relative dotage my upper limit is now not much more than 10kHz.
Sure, in its dotage, the Pallasades looked tired, a little grubby and frayed round the edges.
But if anyone thinks the Specialis reaching his dotage, they had better think again.
But although talks on a fresh deal have yet to get started, SFA chief executive Regan has told the 58-year-old that he can secure his employment into his dotage if he continues to add to his tally of victories.
Tolstoy subtly illustrates the parallels and contrasts between horse and human, as we see through Strider's eyes the decline of his most memorable owner--a rich, arrogant hussar officer in his youth and a depleted, decrepit figure in his dotage.
I think they're identical, but I've entered the stage in my dotage where I have face-blindness toward anyone who crosses a certain threshold of maximum tattoos.
But now I am in my dotage, I am a great grandfather.
screeched Alice Cooper in his younger days when he was still serious about being the Machiavellian master of shock 'n' roll rather than spending his dotage as a wrinkled, golf-loving, insurance-flogging panto dame.
brief sad ambitions, a seaside dotage in a suntanned town where sheep
Most people, in what we would call the civilised world, have moved on and it is easy to shrug off A Dinou's comments as the same old ramblings of someone in their dotage.
But, she allowed, jabbing fists toward the crowd, ''I feel like I'm an example now in my dotage of the fact that you just can't put those old gals out to pasture.