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a real number (a scalar) that is the product of two vectors

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If the dot product is above a certain threshold, it gets sent along to nodes farther down the chain.
The Grunenthal Group, an R&D-driven, privately held international pharmaceutical company with headquarters in Aachen Germany, has received the Red Dot Product Design Award, it was reported yesterday.
Pharmaceutical company The Grunenthal Group reported on Monday the receipt of the renowned Red Dot Product Design Award for life sciences and medicine for an innovative system for post-operative pain management.
Moreover, its algorithm perfectly matches an interconnection mode configurable architecture since each dot product forms a reversed binary-tree graph.
The Blanusa snark [2] of order 18 is constructed using the dot product of two copies of the Petersen graph, and Preissmann [21] proved that there are only two snarks of order 18.
This year a total of 1,816 manufacturers, designers and architects from 53 nations competed in 23 categories for the Red Dot product design awards.
The sleek styling of the all-new Genesis recently received the internationally acclaimed Red Dot Product Design Award for 2014.
Three Volvo Construction Equipment products scooped prizes at the Red Dot product design awards.
Auto Business News-March 25, 2014--Hyundai receives two Red Dot Product Design Awards
Reginox, Netherlands' largest producer of stainless steel sinks, has won red dot product design award for its recently introduced kitchen sinks Nevada 18-30.
In this paper we shall additionally present fast binary methods for computing the dot product of two vectors and determining the Hamming distance between two vectors.
Summary: D-Link has announced that four of its latest products, the DNS-320L Network Storage, DCS-6010L Fisheye Camera, DHP-W310AV Wireless Powerline Adapter, and DWR-910 Petit Router have been awarded the 2012 Red Dot Product Design Award.
The red dot product design awards are one of the world's major design contests and have been held by the Design Centre of North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany since 1955.
The red dot product design awards have been running since 1955 in Germany.
The new products set a new standard for speed, range, and ease-of-use and feature the latest industrial design that combines looks and advanced functionality eAE recently earning the Linksys E4200 the prestigious 2011 red dot product design award for design, innovation and quality, the company said.