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a collection of papers containing detailed information about a particular person or subject (usually a person's record)

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Depose officiellement par l'Algerie en mars 2016, le dossier de la musique Rai est pret et sera examine par le Comite intergouvernemental de sauvegarde du patrimoine culturel immateriel de l'Unesco au courant de l'annee 2019", a precise une source au fait du dossier, qui a infirme les ecrits de presse faisant etat qu'un autre pays de la region avait depose un dossier pour ce genre musical propre a la region ouest de l'Algerie.
Il s'est interroge sur "l'apport de la justice dans ce dossier en l'absence de volonte politique de realiser la justice transitionnelle".
Our choice to publish the dossier was greeted by outrage from two sources.
Cohen also filed a second lawsuit against political intelligence firm Fusion GPS which compiled the dossier that alleged collusion between members of the Trump campaign for the 2016 elections and Russian agents.
The emergence of the dossier - containing a series of lurid claims that the Russians had gathered compromising material on the president prior to his election campaign - caused outrage in the Trump camp.
McCain later took a copy of the dossier to the FBIAaAeAeAEs then-directo James Comey.
The electronic personal dossier is now to be introduced in stages throughout the cantonal administration and legal administration.
sup][10] The author further demonstrated the effectiveness of simplified application by comparing the reviewing outcomes between the two dossier type-based applications.
Owen Jenkins received the dossier and expressed that the UK government upholds the human rights as a priority and will raise the issue of violations with the concerned.
Dist police chiefs pulled up for multiple dossiers on one criminal
2) Since 2000, the AMCP dossier format has undergone several updates and has become a nationally recognized guideline for organizing health care information in a consistent and structured manner that enables cross-product evaluations.
8220;We're excited to take the Dossier Toolset to the next level by extending its ease-of-use and value to users of Skype for Business.
Il y a un dossier que je garde pour l'instant pour moi et qui concerne la BAD (Banque Africaine de Developpement).
NNA - The long-simmering dossier of the full-time jobs at the Lebanese University topped talks held Tuesday between MP Sami Gemayel, Minister of Education and Higher Learning, Elias Bou Sb, and Minister of Economy and Trade, Alain Hakim.