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a cheap lodging house

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I tracked him down to a dosshouse full of addicts and didn't need to go in.
In the lavish set designed by Ian MacNeil the Birling's dining room is confined to a dosshouse perched precariously above a cobbled post-blitz street.
But then the man was at the end of his tether after his daughter disappeared from the posh family home for days and turned up in a place known locally as the dosshouse.
The South Americans had deliberately messed us about, originally booking the team into what was no better than a dosshouse on the outskirts of the capital until Big Jock made us leave before a bag was unpacked.
Dressed in a tatty old T-shirt and combat trousers, the exmercenary had left his Coventry dosshouse to toast his good fortune in the more upmarket surroundings of Pedmore.
Farmer Neil Yates, 37, last week told the world what a miserable time he had after his TV Reggie Perrin-style vanishing act - stuck in a squalid dosshouse and suffering day after day of loneliness.
Prosecutor Arthur Busch said the boy's home in Mount Morris, Michigan, was used as a dosshouse by strangers.
Busch said the boy's home in Mount Morris, Michigan, was frequented by strangers who used it as a dosshouse.
In an emotional reunion last week, he claimed to have spent seven lonely months in a seedy dosshouse.
He's never kissed a girl, he lives in a shabby dosshouse while his younger brother had an education and all of life's chances.