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a cheap lodging house

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Oh the temptation, were I a guest, to roll up looking like an unmade dosshouse bed
She was determined to graft her way out of her impoverished circumstances, from living in a dosshouse basement which she scrubbed until her hands were red raw.
With this clandestine invitation, Banville introduces his first novel, Nightspawn, which the author describes as 'a first step on that journey: a dosshouse perhaps, full of lice and madmen', (12) the same house that one always encounters in Banville, the house of fiction that Ben tells us is 'full of dead souls' (p.
IN trouble back home in Canada, young crime reporter Jeremy Mercer fled to Paris in 2000, winding up at the legendary secondhand bookshop Shakespeare and Company, which doubles as a dosshouse if proprietor George Whitman takes a shine to you.
Therefore it's entirely appropriate that the Beeb, as one of the commercial backers of the FA enterprise, should have their people housed within the England hotel out here in Lisbon while the rest of us hacks have our own press dosshouse just down the road.
Britain has now become a soft touch, a dosshouse for flotsam and jetsam no other self-respecting state would allow to set foot on their soil.
I tracked him down to a dosshouse full of addicts and didn't need to go in.
In the lavish set designed by Ian MacNeil the Birling's dining room is confined to a dosshouse perched precariously above a cobbled post-blitz street.