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measuring the dose of radiation emitted by a radioactive source

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The accuracy of the absorbed dose measurement in industrial irradiation processing dosimetry can be improved by adjusting the response of a dosimeter for the average temperature during irradiation (1).
A sampling of topics: a brief history of dosimetry, calibration protocols, and the need for accuracy; cavity theory, stopping-power ratios, and correction factors; ionization chamber instrumentation; review of TG-51 protocol; kilovoltage x-ray dosimetry; clinical electron beam dosimetry, thermoluminescent detector and Monte Carlo techniques for reference-quality brachytherapy dosimetry; dosimetry for small photo beams used for stereotactic radiosurgery/radiotherapy; hadron dosimetry; radiochronic film; diamond detector; gel dosimetry; Fricke and alanine dosimeters; and stopping-power ratios, rations of mass-energy coefficients, and CSDA ranges of electrons.
The sale of the dosimetry line, whose products range from personal electronic dose meters to modular teledosimetry systems for monitoring networks, by Siemens marks the end of Siemens Environmental Systems (SES) business.
of the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, delivered a poster presentation discussing the biodistribution and dosimetry of ZEVALIN in 179 patients with relapsed or refractory B-cell NHL.
The book features major chapters on the use of OSL in space radiation dosimetry, medical physics, personnel dosimetry, security, solid-state physics and other related applications.
The subject of the public contract is the delivery and implementation of dosimetry system with accessories.
After careful investigation, the Virginia Department of Health, Office of Radiological Health has determined that, beginning in 2014, personnel dosimetry will no longer be required for those who operate the NOMAD family of handheld dental X-ray systems.
Intended as a textbook for students and a guide for health physicists and nuclear professionals, this book focuses on radiation protection and dosimetry.
Handbook of anatomical models for radiation dosimetry.
The Neutron Interactions and Dosimetry Group currently maintains four neutron beam lines dedicated to studies of fundamental neutron interactions.
It consists of six sections: biological mechanisms, acute effects, chronic effects, dosimetry, exposure assessment, and the specific attributes of a coordinated PM centers program.
Japan joint workshop on atomic-bomb dosimetry earlier this year.
SAN FRANCISCO -- The Mirion Technologies Health Physics Division announced it has received an order to supply a complete passive dosimetry system based upon Mirion's patented Direct Ion Storage (DIS) technology to Gosgen Nuclear Power Plant in Switzerland.
The delivery is also for each linear accelerator system for in vivo dosimetry, dosimetry daily tests and dosimetry system for verifying irradiation plans IMRT and VMAT.