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a measuring instrument for measuring doses of ionizing radiation (X-rays or radioactivity)

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Chemical probe for the dosimeter is provided by ferrous ion concentration.
Films were stored before irradiation for two days period under the same relative humidity conditions as when irradiated, so that the equilibrium moisture content in dosimeter is established during irradiation.
When one of a junior staff checked its emission through the Dosimeter, radiation levels were found to be above the permissible limit," said a senior airport official.
The PED+, has several additional functions, most notably its ability to serve as a personal dosimeter and as a handheld dose rate survey meter.
Another consideration would be the selection of dosimeters for the multi-year study; they would need to be representative of the entire dosimeter batch/lot and formulation.
When you get the new AN/PDR-75A, make sure you have enough DT-236A/P wrist dosimeters for your unit.
Reports show workers lost dosimeters for measuring radiation exposure or were found working without them.
A dosimeter lowered into the containment vessel of the No.
A practical exercise for developing a simple cost-effective solar ultraviolet radiation dosimeter is presented for use by middle school science students.
The TracercoT404 personal electronic radiation dosimeter from LabLogic Systems is easy to read and operate.
The development of the self-indicating instant radiation alert dosimeter (SIRAD) is a vital addition to previously existing technology, greatly expanding affordability and accessibility.
Upon arrival at Fort Irwin, the x-ray tech went to the post hospital to obtain a radiation dosimeter to wear while he simulated shooting radiographs while training in the field.
12) If patient dose is estimated during fluoroscopy, it is typically done using a dosimeter to measure radiation exposure rate at the tabletop.