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a measuring instrument for measuring doses of ionizing radiation (X-rays or radioactivity)

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Personal dosimeters are extremely handy and are available in the form of either badge or ring.
The PED+, has several additional functions, most notably its ability to serve as a personal dosimeter and as a handheld dose rate survey meter.
Another consideration would be the selection of dosimeters for the multi-year study; they would need to be representative of the entire dosimeter batch/lot and formulation.
When you get the new AN/PDR-75A, make sure you have enough DT-236A/P wrist dosimeters for your unit.
For this purpose, members of the public need an inexpensive and reliable pocket or handbag dosimeter that can be read at any moment and interpreted immediately by visual inspection, like the colorimetric devices described below.
When the dosimeter was read, it indicated that there was a dose over 40 times the allowable annual legal limit.
Occupational safety and health concerns about the voices of singers and actors have led to development of the NCVS dosimeter with which otolaryngologists can evaluate vocal fatigue.
ODIS uses a Raytheon Controller IR 2000AS Silicon camera and an Electronic Personal Dosimeter EPD Mk2 to conduct the inspections.
Russell NDE Systems offers a one-page color flyer devoted to its new RDM-1 Digital Dosimeter that detects accumulating radiation dose at the film to save radiography time.
The fixed bandwidth radiometer and dosimeter operates in temperatures from 32[degrees] to 167[degrees]F.
The sound levels of the presses and welding stations in a steel factory where the occupational environmental noise exposure was above eight-five decibels were recorded by using a dosimeter and a tape recorder.
But Ron Coates, now 67, showed us the photographic proof that he had indeed been issued with a dosimeter and had been part of the nuclear experiment that involved thousands of Servicemen.
The plant will be replacing its existing TLD system with DIS-1 and EDIS-1 personal dosimeter badges and DBR-1 dosimeter readers from Mirion's RADOS product line.
Tenders are invited for Provision Of Dosimeter services
Individuals who could benefit from the Etymotic Personal Noise Dosimeter include parents whose children play with noisy toys, musicians, music instructors, sound crews, concert and club attendees, factory and construction workers, truck drivers, motorcyclists, farmers, safety engineers, audiologists and acoustic engineers.