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the quantity of an active agent (substance or radiation) taken in or absorbed at any one time


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Gaby has not been practicing as a clinician in years, and I suggest that he speak to me and other physicians who have been using the appropriate dosage of lodoral for years.
The reevaluation results shows that the optimal dosage of sultpiride is up to 1010-1730 mg per day, higher than the currently prescribed amount.
A: Yes, I tried to make it as succinctly clear as possible with preparations and administration of dosages.
Galantamine was equally effective all at dosages, but the number of patients who had adverse events or dropped out of the trial increased at higher dosages.
Greg Bengtson, global leader for Compozil, Eka Chemicals' nanoparticle system for the wet end, said that retention is best controlled by closing the loop with on-line monitoring and controlling whitewater solids with C-PAM dosage.
All children on Flixotide/Seretide above recommended dosages should already be attending an asthma specialist who needs to assess their risk of developing the rare hormone condition known as adrenal crisis.
Specifically, in the nursing field, research studies show that when computers are employed as tutors in drill-and-practice exercises for dosage calculation problems, they promote student mastery of these skills (Worrell & Hodson, 1989; Reynolds & Pontious, 1986).
The patient's amitriptyline regimen, which had been prescribed primarily to help improve his sleep, did not change from the original 10-mg/day dosage at any point during the course of therapy.
The 3-mg/day dosage resulted in supra-physiologic nocturnal melatonin levels.
In a presentation on the application of the fibrous bonding mechanism to reduce bentonite dosage (122), S.
At lower dosages, the mice made remarkable recoveries.
For chronic pain, though, regular dosing is preferred because this reduces the risk of having to move to higher and possibly toxic dosages.
The technology forecasts the results of putative preclinical and clinical experiments at an unprecedented scale, allowing an unlimited number of "virtual trials" to be carried out on a wide range of dosages, treatment schedules and patient population characteristics.
Ten different dosages forms including tablet, syrup and dry syrup are available.
Three months after the start of therapy, eight patients who received 2-mg/mL dosages and the patients who received 4-mg/mL dosages improved by 72% and 68%, respectively, on the DAI, compared with 12% of placebo patients.