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a small boat of shallow draft with cross thwarts for seats and rowlocks for oars with which it is propelled

marine fishes widely distributed in mid-waters and deep slope waters

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Class One 1st Ahmed Al Jahromi AKJC Evelyn 2nd Abbas Yousif Argentini 3rd Ali Hani Al Yabis Ajzal 4th Ahmed Al Jahromi AKJC Dory 5th Ammar Mohammed Colin 6th Fadhel Al Hadad Blue Monkey Class Two 1st Ali Essa UFO 2nd Hussain Dadalla Dilmun Arko 3rd Ali Essa Tofy 4th Ahmed Akbar F16 5th Ahmed Al Jahromi AKJC Dory 6th Mahmood Narooz UUP
Dory was taking an upper-division French literature class and was working on a literary analysis.
Dory will need a home with no other pets as she doesn't seem happy around other cats.
The fish, snapped in the waters of the Great Barrier Reef, in Australia, could easily grace the Pixar animated aquatic adventure about clownfish Nemo and his blue tang mate Dory.
Big water, little boats; Moulty Fulmer and the first Grand Canyon dory on the last of the wild Colorado River.
of 200 ounces of gold dory, following further successful custom milling andC?
3 ( ANI ): Disney announced on Tuesday that the follow-up to its much loved Oscar-winning hit 'Finding Nemo' will be titled 'Finding Dory,' and will be released on Nov.
Andrew Stanton, who co-directed 2003's "Finding Nemo" with Lee Unkrich, said the film will center on Dory reuniting with her "loved ones," much like the family-focused plot of "Nemo.
The actress, who has a four-year-old son, was last seen on the big screen in musical movie Hunky Dory.
NNA - 08/03/2012 - Deputy Dory Chamoun said that Lebanon must never neglect a humane task like assisting the Syrian citizens fleeing their country due to the fatal situation therein.
MINNIE Driver could be angling for a part in Glee after appearing as an inspirational drama teacher in feel good movie Hunky Dory.
HUNKY DORY (15, 109 MINS) Starring: Minnie Driver, Aneurin Barnard, Danielle Branch, Tom Harries, Kimberley Nixon, George MacKay, Adam Byard, Darren Evans, Robert Pugh, Haydn Gwynne, Steve Speirs and Aled Pugh.
THE BIG picture HUNKY DORY (15, 109 mins) * OT on the heels of its '80s makeover in coming-of-age comedy Submarine, Swansea takes another step back in time as the location for this new feel good Brit flick.
HUNKY DORY (15, 109 mins) Rating: 7/10 THE show must go on for an unconventional drama teacher, who inspires her pupils to chase their dreams during the hottest summer on record, in Marc Evans''s feel good rites-of-passage drama.
ALTHOUGH it's the title of her new film, everything is not hunky dory for Minnie Driver today.