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extending from the back to the belly

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24), especially in the structure of the parabasisphenoid, which is greatly elongated between the basal tubera and has a deep, dorsoventrally extended median recess.
Remarks: Most common, Variable species, lorica firm barrel shaped, swollen at its posterior third, moderately compressed dorsoventrally.
gouazoubira is an elongated and cylindroidal mass, dorsoventrally flattened, with two dilatations called the cervical and lumbar intumescences, like those of other animals (Figures 1 and 2).
ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] 13b) Body dorsoventrally flattened and not mostly enclosed in paired valves .
Peridinium raciborskii Woloszynskais large (70-80Fm), and strongly dorsoventrally compressed.
There were two steps in fabrication; drilling dorsoventrally through the distal epiphysis of a phalanx (Figure 9a), and sawing through the shaft of the bone proximal to this point.
the changes in the shape from a lateral compressed pelagic larvae with long trailing pelvic fins to a dorsoventrally compressed head and body with much shorter pelvic fins as represented in some published illustrations) were quantified (Fahay, 1983; Caruso, 2002).
A huge flattened head, dorsoventrally compressed body, small eyes without eyelids, and spiracle gill slits all demonstrate its prehistoric attributes.
Prognathic, pear-shaped dorsoventrally, defined cervical region absent, total length 1.
m long); head and anterior part of trunk wide, dorsoventrally flattened, posterior part of trunk and caudal fin laterally compressed; paired pectoral fins, single dorsal and anal fin, and hypocercal caudal fin present; caudal fin strongly heterocercal in young individuals, becoming nearly symmetrical in adults; orbits on anterolateral corners of head; scale morphology variable depending on position on body; pulp cavity single, occasionally continuing as pulp canal posteriorly; dentine tubules long, narrow, straight.
Some of the teeth are flattened and serrated, and may be referred to Pristichampsus (see above), but two of them are dorsoventrally flattened and globular, closely resembling the enlarged teeth found in the back of the dentary and maxillary toothrows of several extinct alligatorids, such as Allognathosuchus, Procaimanoidea, Hassiacosuchus, Ceratosuchus and some extinct Alligator.
Proboscis dark red-brown, somewhat short (hardly projecting beyond epistomal margin), slightly dorsoventrally flattened.
The trunk and tail were moderately to strongly laterally compressed, as seen in some specimens where the tail was preserved mainly dorsoventrally (Fig.
The sole available ungual phalanx from Quartz Mountain Canal is relatively flattened dorsoventrally.