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extending from the back to the belly

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La potencia dorsoventral al paso, disminuyo significativamente (p<0.
Uncus esbelto en vista lateral, con la constriccion dorsoventral marcada en su base, el saccus con proyeccion anterior elongada al igual que el vinculum.
Anterior and posterior articulations are concave and bear a subcircular outline, with a slight dorsoventral compression.
With well developed five-toed (pentadactyl) limbs, dorsoventral flattening and high agility, P.
These neurones started projecting axons ventrally pioneering the dorsoventral diencephalic tract (DVDT).
08) describes shearing in the head and opercular region and dorsoventral movement in the posterior dorsal fin.
Spiracles of abdominal segments I-VIII similar in size; distance between the two lobes of respiratory plate of spiracles less than dorsoventral diameter of bulla; dorsal surface of segment I-VIII with a single row of short setae per annulet, some long setae interspersed between short setae; dorsum of segment VII with 2 annulets; segments IX and X fused, covered with irregular rows of short setae; spiracular area of abdominal segments I-VIII with 10-15 setae, frequently 11.
In retrospect, children with head nodding, or rhythmic dorsoventral movements of the head (3), as 1 characteristic feature of epilepsy syndromes, had been observed in Tanzania, Liberia, and western Uganda as far back as the 1960s but were not studied separately or described as a distinctive clinical group (3-5).
In the absence of a complete Empire skeleton, maximum vertebral dorsoventral heights and gill raker lengths in this individual are unknown.
En todos estos casos, estas facetas tienen un diametro dorsoventral mayor, de superficie plana y se orientan craneo-lateralmente; sin embargo, en algunas especies la orientacion es craneal (A.
The formation of the anterior-posterior and dorsoventral axes in Drosophila depends on three crucial symmetry-breaking events during oogenesis, all of which involve the localisation of specific mRNAs.
Our case series illustrates that the clinical and topographic spectra of LMS are diverse, and MRI analysis in rostrocaudal and dorsoventral aspects allows us, although not unequivocally, to make clinical-MRI correlations.