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extending from the back to the belly

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Thus, the objectives of this study were to: (1) utilize distortion grid analysis to describe and compare dorsoventral and lateral ontogenetic cranial morphology of first, second and third instar larvae of H.
The dorsoventral regulatory gene cassette spatzle/Toll/cactus controls the potent antifungal response in Drosophila adults.
Predation by durophageous chondrichthyans explains the dorsoventral flattening of brachiopod shells in an environment with low energy currents.
This dorsoventral arrangement parallels that of the respiratory centers in the brainstem.
Early embryonic development in metazoa is characterized by cascades of gene expression that initially define the dorsoventral and anteroposterior axes.
They are amphicoelus, with paired neural facets, and exhibit a variable degree of dorsoventral compression that gives them a characteristic oval shape in frontal view (Boreske, 1974).
Horizonal series illustrates the dorsoventral extent of the left hemisphere in 47 horizontal MRI and photomicrographic sections matched with 47 detailed diagrams (Chapter 3).
Shell height was measured as the upper valve maximum tangential dorsoventral distance from the hinge to the outer shell perimeter (Naidu & Robert 2006).
Sagittal (longitudinal) plane sections should be obtained and the transducer swept gently in dorsoventral directions.
Dorsoventral and lateral silhouettes of crania of first, second, and third instars of Hydaticus bimarginatus were composed using images and dimensions from a WILD M5A dissecting microscope equipped with a Camera Lucida and digital images taken with a Canon D60 digital camera attached to a Meiji RZ trinocular microscope.
15-16): Cerci convex apically, each with several apical and apicoventral setae; hypoproct gradually widening from midlength to apex, posterior edge nearly straight across, with several apical and apicoventral setae; aedeagus dorsoventrally flattened, in dorsoventral view widest near midlength, the apex convex, 3 pairs of papillae present on each side; gonocoxite thickset at base, with cylindrical, apically rounded, elongate-setulose mesal lobe; gonostylus broadest at base, tapering to apical tooth, setulose on basal half, ridged beyond.
Results of a dorsoventral radiographic view of the legs (Fig 2) and photomicrographs of cytologic preparations of the aspirates of the subcutaneous masses (Figs 3 and 4) are shown.
pugil is very robust in the dorsoventral direction, but so is the palpal hand of C.
The most consistent axis in the otolith section for which confident interpretations could be made was along either the sulcus ridge, or along the dorsoventral margin.