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the act of bending backward (of the body or a body part)

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To determine the effect of stretching in each stretching condition, we measured the degree of maximum ankle dorsiflexion range of motion (ROM max) pre and poststretching of SS, CS and control protocols.
A lo descrito anteriormente hay que anadir que en la FP puede producir disminucion de dorsiflexion del tobillo y el exceso de pronacion mantenida del pie, pues esto aumenta el estres del tejido fascial.
The examiner held the bar along the base of the foot, and from the established zero degree position the participant moved the foot into maximum dorsiflexion without using the toes as he/she had been instructed to do.
Intra-rater and inter-rater reliability of a weight-bearing lunge measure of ankle dorsiflexion.
Arthrodesis in neutral dorsiflexion with roughly 5 degrees of external rotation is reserved for end-stage ankle OA to allow for near normal gait and pain relief.
Maximal ankle dorsiflexion and plantarflexion was measured in a non-weight-bearing position while the ankle joint was in a plantigrade (90 degrees) and neutral position respectively using a standard goniometer with 2[degrees] increments.
In this study, we defined ankle joint angle at 0[degrees] (dorsiflexion 0[degrees]) when the foot plate was perpendicular to the ground and measured the ankle joint angle as the rotation angle of the foot plate; we defined dorsiflexion as positive.
On examination of the left ankle, anterior drawer test was positive and pain increased on dorsiflexion of the foot.
On local examination, a diffuse swelling appeared in the anterolateral aspect of the left upper leg in standing position which accentuated dorsiflexion of the foot and reduced in the supine position.
The sequelae as weakness of dorsiflexion of ankle and big toe were present.
4) The TPT procedure aims to correct the resting position of the foot, restore active dorsiflexion at the ankle and to restore normal gait pattern (heel strike, mid-stance and then propulsion) and thus it reduces the risk of further injury to, and deformity of the forefoot.
You can set the stage for chronic injury if you are unable to regain your normal range of motion, especially dorsiflexion of the ankle (raising the toes upwards).
Stimulation of the plantar region with a blunt object along the lateral side of the sole, from the heel towards the big toe, results in the dorsiflexion and abduction of the toes and extensor hallucis longus muscle contraction, resulting in the extension of the big toe and foot dorsiflexion.
Active range of motion was used to assess hamstring flexibility at the knee with the active knee extension test and to assess gastrocnemius-soleus flexibility at the ankle with active dorsiflexion with the knee straight.
In this article, dorsiflexion, inversion, and internal rotation were defined as positive rotations, similar to ISB definitions.