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Synonyms for dorsal

belonging to or on or near the back or upper surface of an animal or organ or part


facing away from the axis of an organ or organism

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Patellar apophysis broad, dorsally concave; RTA more than half length of tibia, with distinctly extended distal end; lateral tibial apophysis absent; cymbial furrow less than 1/3 of cymbial length; conductor short, basal lamella indistinct, dorsal apophysis about as large as conductor; median apophysis relatively large, spoon-shaped, without free standing anterior edge, distinctly separated from embolic base; embolus short, filiform, prolateral in origin, thread originating near base of tegular sclerite (Figs.
Exceptions are Lophopappus and Macrachaenium, which have styles with dorsally papillose branches.
Dorsally, epurals 1-3 and neural spines of the second and third preural centra form during this stage.
Hyomandibula articulating dorsally with cranium, hyomandibula posterior condyle articulating with opercle.
47) of total length of first pleopod, straight and tapering to a pointed tip; mesial process non-corneous and straight, distal end dorsally compressed and tapering to acute tip (see Variation), slightly subequal in length to central projection.
The bodies were lying dorsally extended with the head to the west.
For implantation, mice were lightly anesthetized with methoxyflurane, and the pellet was placed beneath the skin dorsally above the shoulders.
Ten "Grabkisten" (in German more specifically "Steinplattengraber") contained extended dorsally positioned mummies, most of which had been robbed.
hutchisoni is emended as follows: Similar to Emydoidea blandingii (Holbrook) in having an elongated nuchal bone and cervical scute impression, but differing in having the nuchal somewhat shorter and wider; cervical scute area not raised; and cervical scute impression wider dorsally and narrower ventrally than E.
Gastrulation begins dorsally with involution of deep blastoderm cells to form an outer epiblast and inner hypoblast.
Females are heavily stippled, whereas males have a very distinctive pigment pattern consisting of abundant melanophores covering the testes dorsally and two dark, inverted triangular patches on the carapace dorsally.
Its coloration was a uniform dark gray, dorsally fading to light gray ventrally, and lacked distinguishing coloration on any of the fins.
It may, for example, simply bind to dpp's protein, thereby preventing the dorsally made protein from turning on genes.