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Synonyms for dorsal

belonging to or on or near the back or upper surface of an animal or organ or part


facing away from the axis of an organ or organism

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Often known as the Asiatic or Mongolian wild horse, Przewalskis have a stiff upright darker main and dorsal stripe, typical of the Norwegian Fjord horse and zebra.
sirtalis has variable small dorsal "checkers" of tan, white, brown, and black, and sometimes yellow or orange, and a light-colored (ivory to yellow) dorsal stripe running most of the length of the body (see Conant and Collins 1998).
Head with two wavy bright yellow stripes; dorsal stripe running from near midorbit to posterior margin of opercle, ventral stripe extending from below anterior part of orbit (from near anterior end of snout in paratype) to base of pectoral fin; short yellow band on upper jaw near its anterior end.
Many species of Aspidoscelis have color patterns, such as pale dorsal stripes, that undergo ontogenetic development.
mantle with a series of oblique brown dorsal stripes that might each be broken into a series of spots and two dorsal bands are present and internal structure of penis lacking circular pustulose ridge at atrial end P.
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